By Robert Kenney, EVP Sales & Marketing, OnProcess Technology

The customer is king, and now more than ever—in our digital, instant-gratification age—they expect royal treatment. If they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere. That’s why, according to Forrester Research, 72% of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority.

Much of the responsibility for this rests with the post-sale supply chain (SSC), which handles everything from triage to dispatching parts and technicians for product repairs, to recovering assets from the field. The big struggle here is how to ensure superior customer service without breaking the bank.

Why is it so hard?
SSC functions are highly interdependent on one another. But for most companies, the SSC is also highly fragmented. Functions run in isolation with no overarching view or data integration across them. Sometimes, the tactics one department takes to meet its goals cause issues for another, such as customer support agents quickly completing calls by scheduling on-site technician visits when a remote fix would have worked faster for the customer, cheaper for the business and put less burden on the field service team.

The inherently fragmented nature of SSCs makes them very difficult to operate efficiently and often results in millions of dollars in unnecessary costs, as well as extremely frustrated customers. So you might think that with SSC being so critical to customer satisfaction and corporate profitability, businesses would invest heavily in building their own SSC centers of excellence.

Not so much.

Why outsource?
According to Gartner, more and more supply chain execs are using external providers for strategic and tactical functions like planning, customer service and reverse logistics. Why? It all comes down to expertise and results. Here’s what OnProcess clients have been telling us:

  • Core Competency
    “To handle the customer demands that come with fast growth, we needed a much smarter, streamlined and more cost-effective way to dispatch parts and labor to the field, and help increase velocity of replacement part returns. It was clear that, to accomplish this, we needed greater visibility into, and the ability to implement comprehensive analytics across, our post-sale supply chain. It was also clear that, since this wasn’t our core competency, we needed to turn to post-sale supply chain experts.”
    — VP of Service Supply Chain at Fortune 500 IT company

    “We believed we’d have more success if we stuck to our core competency – repairs and refurbishment – and engaged experts to focus on returns. So, for the first time in Roger Wireless’ history, we decided to outsource Advanced Exchange asset recovery.”
    — Paul Maitre, Manager of Production Planning and Asset Recovery, Rogers Wireless

  • Profitability
    “Outsourcing represented a big shift in our thinking. Dispatchers are critical to our business. As much as we wanted them under our direct control, we knew that wasn’t practical if we wanted to grow a profitable business.”
    — Chris Coash, VP of Operations, HD Experts

    “The payback on the OnProcess engagement has been tremendous. Not only are we saving around $60 million annually in cost avoidance, we’re delivering a good returns experience for our customers.”
    — Manager, Product Management, Leading U.S. Broadband Provider

  • Customer Experience at Scale
    “Our relationship with OnProcess helps us meet the scale and scope challenges we’ve faced in growing both geographically and in terms of customers and volume, while maintaining our high level of customer service.”
    — Bruce Torre, Director of Global Logistics, Service Operations and Trade Compliance, Nutanix

    “OnProcess’ ability to quickly train agents, effectively scale global operations and share our financial risks and rewards, makes them a great partner for SAP Ariba.”
    — Jon Troxel, Director, Global Services Partner Operations, SAP Ariba

Of course, the devil is in the details. To learn more about the upsides of SSC outsourcing, the role technology and analytics play in SSC and customer experience success, and how fast-growing Nutanix is working with OnProcess, click here to download “Making the Case: Outsourcing Services in Post-Sale Supply Chain.”

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