The Service Supply Chain, a subset of the overall supply chain concept, deals specifically with the operations and experiences of providing post-sale service. The challenge for a large enterprise to successfully organize, plan, source, operate, fulfill and reconcile the post-sale service supply chain in an efficient, customer-centric & cost-effective manner is formidable.

Most of us who have been on the end-user side of the equation have little or no idea of the scale and scope of this challenge; that being said, most of us also don’t care – the universe of post-sale service revolves around us and our particular need at the time. Successfully address my concerns, and you have earned my loyalty (at least for the moment). Handle it improperly, inefficiently or clumsily, and I may unsubscribe, change companies, abandon your product or even publicly berate you in social media or in person.

But you, our typical reader, know all of this. It’s your responsibility, in total or at least in part, to ensure that one or more of the following occurs:

  • Service Parts are sourced in the most efficient way possible, and located at the optimal quantity in the right location to enable quick transport to a client’s location in order to maintain a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Service calls are addressed efficiently and in a customer-focused manner, while ensuring that Warranty Entitlement is checked, Orders and/or RMAs are created without error
  • In some cases identifying the likely cause of a problem and, if possible, addressing the issue at the time of the call rather than requiring parts or technicians to be dispatched
  • When necessary, dispatching parts (the correct parts) and/or technicians in a timely manner to ensure resolution within the SLA
  • Ensuring timely return of the defective or replaced parts
  • Getting complete reconciliation and closure of all service events, with data analysis and learning to enable continuous improvement.

Doing any or all of the above, balancing the best end-user experience with the most efficient, cost-effective, stable and scalable operation, is a huge and ongoing challenge.

Which is why OnProcess Technology specializes in Service Supply Chain Optimization.

Have a look at this SSCO diagram, and let us know if you’d like to learn more.