By Sarah Hatfield, VP Product Management & Client Solutions

OnProcess’ clients have been having urgent conversations during the past year about how to optimize field service delivery. End-customers’ expectations are growing by the minute—as are threats of lost business and damaged brand reputations if they’re not met. At the same time, there’s huge pressure to reduce notoriously high field service costs, and deliver improved customer experiences. But there’s been no real way to do this. Until now.

I’m so excited to tell you that OnProcess has built a solution that solves all of these problems! Today we announced IntelliForce, an analytics-based managed service that we believe is a game-changer. IntelliForce is the industry’s only on-demand digital marketplace for field service management. It eliminates those fixed costs and ensures top-quality service. And it gives you a 10x ROI right off the bat, whether you’re using IntelliForce to source and manage your entire field service labor pool or as a complement to your existing, high-caliber field technicians.

So how do we do it? The two main components, what you might call our “secret sauce,” are our on-demand Authorized Service Provider Network and our OPTiQ Intelligent Analytics Engine:

Authorized Service Partner Network
We curated a select network of best-in-class service partner organizations, from which we source field labor for new installations, moves, additions, changes, break/fix service orders and regularly scheduled maintenance. Our authorized service partners all have the skillsets, experience and qualifications required to ensure viability for even the most discerning organizations. Our clients access these partners on a variable, on-demand, or per-drink, model.

OPTiQ Intelligent Analytics Engine
OnProcess’ proprietary analytics engine automatically and instantaneously selects the right service partner for every job. It analyzes everything from job complexity, customer type, security requirements, geography, point-in-time location and the ability to meet the required SLA, to skillset, qualification, the service partners’ response time, mean-time-to-repair, customer satisfaction scores and cost, using a robust star rating methodology.

To wrap it all up, OnProcess provides end-to-end service management, including dispatching and proactively mitigating exceptions, to ensure exceptional service experience.

 So how will you answer the call for world-class field service at lower-than-ever prices? Check out how IntelliForce can make it much easier than you think.