By Sarah Hatfield, VP Product Management & Client Solutions

Field service professionals are having urgent conversations about how to optimize service delivery. In today’s world, terms like “the Uber model”, crowd sourcing, and variable labor are on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

End customers’ expectations are growing by the minute- as are threats of lost business and damaged brand reputations if they’re not met. At the same time, there’s huge pressure to reduce costs, and improve quality of operational metrics. But there’s been no real way to achieve that delicate balance between cost, customer experience, and quality- until now. I’m excited to share that OnProcess has brought a variable labor solution to market that does just that. I would like to introduce to you: OPTech Field Service Management.

OPTech has 2 primary components: an authorized service partner network, and an automated field service workflow engine- powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence platform OPTiQ. With this solution, field service organizations are able to outsource some or all of their field engineers- rendering significant quality improvements, deep cost savings, and a flawless customer experience.

Integrating to your system of record to ensure a seamless flow of information, we receive your customer’s dispatch, and once that dispatch is received, OPTech Field Service Management automatically determines the “best” service partner to perform your installation or service event. But how does OPTech  determine the “best” service partner? It is a 2-part action. First, the platform determines who out of our network can perform the work. Here, we assess criteria such as geo-location, skill set and certification, service level requirements, and part availability. Once we know who can perform the event, we instantly assess who is the bestto perform that event. This is where the magic comes in. OnProcess has developed a suite of proprietary algorithms to rate the effectiveness of each of our service partners. This is similar to Uber’s star rating model, but is actually a much more mature approach.

Uber’s star rating model is fairly limited, with emphasis on geo-location and customer rating thresholds. OnProcess’ OPTech Field Service Management solution takes the star rating concept much further. Utilizing a combination of operational, customer, and financial metrics, we rate our service partners on criteria such as first time resolution, mean time to resolve, service level adherence, certification and training portfolio, customer satisfaction, and even price. That’s right- we allow our service partners to set their own price. We do so, because each of the operational, customer, and financial criteria we rate our partners on is used to stack rank overall and weighted scores against one another. The service partner with the highest score for that particular event is awarded the work. What we have done here is created an organically competitive market. A market where field engineers- our authorized services partners are competing against one another to win your work. And the way they win your work is by having the best operational metrics, the best customer ratings, and the lowest prices.

OnProcess provides a set of standard recommended ratings and weightings for each of our assessment criteria, then configures the criteria & individual algorithms based on your organization’s specific needs. Perhaps you are more focused on customer experience, than you are on cost. In that situation, we would select higher weightings for the individual customer satisfaction metrics. Perhaps the following quarter, you are heavily focused on cost to serve reductions, or quality improvements. Or better yet, perhaps you are looking for a finely tuned balance of all 3. Our algorithms are configurable, and they are dynamic- just like your business.

We have found that many of our clients view their business in two discreet buckets: highly complex work, and less complex work. Some organizations may be less apt to outsource their highly complex work. You’ve invested significant time and resources into your tenured, highly skilled engineers. They are best-in-class, have a great deal of tribal knowledge, and represent your brand well. It makes sense to want to retain those employees. But that still leaves a large piece of the pie that you can optimize. Why not outsource all of that less complex work, into OPTech? You’ll reap significant cost savings, while driving quality improvements, and still protecting your brand with white glove in house technicians for the more complex/ VIP events.

OPTech Field Service Management is a brilliant solution for any field service organization- whether your workforce is primarily in-house, or if you are already well down the outsourcing path. And that is because platform & solution brings an entirely new level of maturity to outsourcing. No longer do you blindly outsource, or even try to manage your field service vendors on cost or operational metrics. You now have a solution to source and deliver the most optimal field service engineer for that specific event.

Ramp up, ramp down, augment your business, fully or partially outsource it. OPTech is the perfect accompaniment to any field service organization.

To wrap it all up, OnProcess provides end-to-end service management, including dispatching and proactively mitigating process exceptions- to ensure flawless service delivery.