OnProcess is seeing significant growth in the Medical Device vertical.  Medical device companies are realizing the cost savings associated with OnProcess’ service supply chain optimization solution sets.  An industry that has always kept customer communication an internal function understands the value a third party organization can bring to the table at the customer level, as well as operationally.

Through our field service inventory management and event triggered customer survey programs, medical companies are getting visibility into tech performance at both a customer level and an operational level, creating behavioral changes and process efficiencies that are both actionable and measurable – saving our clients upwards of $700,000 a month!

OnProcess’ RL360™ programs are reducing operational costs, reducing the risk of devices ending up on the gray market and reducing CapEx.  Our RMA processing programs are allowing for automation between disparate systems in an environment that has grown through acquisitions as well as reducing costs; all while being managed through one contact at a global level.

Cheers to the medical device companies that are looking at innovative ways to increase customer experience and drive down costs!

–Carolyn DeVasto