By Miranda Vandekerckhove, Solutions Engineer, OnProcess Technology

It is no secret that although consumers today should be more accessible than ever before, with their constant stream of exposure to and consumption of various media outlets, increasingly less personal connections are actually being made.  As customers are presented with unprecedented opportunities for company communications to reach them, traditional means of interacting with consumers are becoming diluted at best.  Fewer consumers have home phones, traditional pay TV is declining, viewers have the ability to skip advertising via DVR or block popup messages online and mobile users can even pay nominal fees for their apps to avoid any interruptions or additional messaging content.

Since it is becoming progressively harder to ensure receipt and ingestion of company communications, it becomes exponentially more important for those messages to be impactful.  Consumers already have a heightened awareness and aversion to corporate messaging, so there is nothing worse than (even the perception of) spam or lack of personalization.  Whatever the communications’ intent, be it advertising, sales, education, market research, customer support and service, or billing and account related, consumers are very sensitive to the manner in which they receive the message, both in terms of the content, style, and language that is used as well as the media utilized and the timing of the communication.

Consequently, OnProcess works closely with our clients and our internal subject matter experts to determine the best possible approach to leverage in our communications to our clients’ customers.  Our capabilities include a wide variety of communication methods and tools, such as live outbound/inbound calls, IVR messaging, emails, SMS text messages, letters, postcards, etc. and we work diligently to understand our clients’ unique business challenges and needs, the differences that may exist among various segments of their customer base, and the type of interaction required for maximum impact.  OnProcess understands that not every message or every customer is the same and the solutions we provide seek to leverage the most effective method of reaching customers in the manner that they prefer and will be willing and able to digest.

Ultimately, we know that making live contact with the customer is essential in order to get the message across, because if it is never heard or seen, the customer will not act on it. Therefore in many cases, our recommended solutions utilize a blended communication strategy with separate business rules and workflows in order to maximize live contact.  We also match the message to the appropriate amount of attempts and the right times of day to be the most effective.  Evidence has shown that consumers become agitated with excessive, constant, or ill-timed interference, to the extent that it could be brand damaging.   Therefore, corporate messages should not interrupt their daily activities, but rather be viewed as coming from brands who genuinely want to improve consumer lives.  OnProcess understands this and works to craft customized solutions which achieve both the goals and objectives of our clients while demonstrating an understanding of and respect for consumer preferences.

What are the key messages that your business may need to communicate to your customers and have you considered the most effective means of disseminating those messages to them?

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