By Karen Kosh, VP, Broadband & Mobile, OnProcess Technology

Selling and connecting customers to the broadband and wireless products and services they purchase should be simple. In reality, complex ecosystems and dependencies on multiple products, systems, sales and installation channels all collide to create breakage points in the sales-to-connect journey.

On average, 15 percent of customers who agree to purchase in-home or in-business products and services are never successfully connected. The percentage is even higher for alternative sales channels and during rapid rollouts of new products and services. The lost revenue opportunity is significant – in the millions of dollars annually.

I’ve just written a new white paper which identifies the numerous breakage points and impacts across the entire sales-to-connect journey. I’ve also outlined several best practices for mitigating and addressing those impacts. In our work for broadband and mobile carrier clients at OnProcess over the last fifteen years, we’ve amassed a great deal of both tribal knowledge and experiential data which has put us in a unique position to proactively address the considerable challenges inherent in the sales-to-connect journey.

I invite you to access the white paper, Best Practices for Optimizing the Customer Sales-to-Connect Journey, by clicking here.