One of the challenges technology companies deal with is having a consistent approach to track products from the manufacturing process to the end user.


With many product lines, child-parent-grandparent relationships of serial numbers, many supply chain partners and many regional variations, it may be a challenge to drive an end-to-end (from manufacturing partners to end user) and consistent serialization framework.
Lack of control may lead to a few specific issues in the supply chain :

  • Inability to identify where certain products are stored or installed and/or where they were manufactured
  • Lack of visibility on product issues linking them back to the manufacturing vendor
  • Inability to entitle customers easily during a service call leading to poor customer experience or loss of service revenue

OnProcess has been working with several of its clients to streamline the above process. Integrating information across various supply chain partners, identifying exceptions, analyzing root causes and eliminating them are some of the activities that are helping OnProcess’ clients manage the supply chain more effectively. There are significant benefits as well from consistent product registration standards, collecting install base data and updating the entitlement data where needed.


–Bhaskar Banerjee, Chief Solutions Officer, OnProcess Technology, Inc.