As described in our post on January 23rd, OnProcess has rolled out some increasingly sophisticated capabilities to help MSOs manage and reduce their service issue-related truck rolls.

One such program, which debuted in early 2013, has already shown very positive outcomes.

The program includes goals to improve several metrics applicable to service events, including:

  • Increase service event cancelations
  • Decrease unnecessary truck rolls
  • Reduce lead time for service event requests
  • Minimize the need for rework
  • Deliver analytics and reporting to identify process improvement opportunitiesservice-order1-cancellations-mso-300x200
  • Utilize data intelligence to implement a predictive vs. reactive approach

Early results (30-45 days) show significant improvements over a control group consisting of the client’s current systems and procedures. In terms of overall service order cancellations prior to a scheduled service date, the OnProcess-actioned group provided a five-percentage-point improvement over the control group. With a control group average cancellation rate of 10%, the OnProcess group’s 15% average means an improvement of 50%.

not-home-reduction-mso-300x187In addition, OnProcess’ approach provided a one-percentage-point reduction in the number of service calls which resulted in a customer “not home”; which represents an improvement of 20% versus the control group’s 5%.

These are just early results, but with the adoption and increased role of our Triage 360 troubleshooting and diagnosis, the continuous learning and improvement provided by the system will likely drive even better results overall for the client MSO.