Discussion and Case Examples Given on Applied Mathematical Tools in Service Logistics

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Amsterdam, December 3, 2012

On December 3, 25 graduate students In ‘business analytics’ received a guest lecture by staff of OnProcess Technology, Inc. Dan Gettens, Chief Research Officer, and Bart van der Horst, Director EMEA gave the lecture.


Mr. van der Horst first started with an overview and background on OnProcess Technology, describing its focus on service supply chain and post-sales service operations. As an innovator in its field OnProcess applies many mathematical tools – tools which help save OnProcess’ clients save money, become more effective and efficient, as well as have high customer satisfaction ratings. Mr. van der Horst also gave insight into the practicalities of business and how the theory learnt by the students today can be very useful in business later in life.bvdh-lecture-300x179

Mr. Gettens covered mathematical models and case studies of OnProcess as well how certain mathematical principles are applied. The guest lecture was well received by the students. The lecture was part of the course “Spare Parts Management and Service Logistics”. Dr.K.de Smidt-Destombes, the course leader, felt the practicalities of business insight would help give the students a broader perspective.

In Business Analytics the students learn to identify and solve business problems. How can hospital waiting lists be reduced? How can a supermarket’s warehouse costs be kept as low as possible? The curriculum includes subjects from the disciplines of mathematics, informatics and business dan-g-dutch-preso-300x178administration. The students can opt for one of three specializations: Optimization of Business Processes, Computational Intelligence or Financial Mathematics.

Below are the web links to the guest lectured, the lecture was live recorded and has been made publically available by OnProcess.

Mr. van der Horst: http://av-media.vu.nl/VUmedia/Viewer/?peid=ac541885dc1844f9b3d12ba71747f2e1

Mr. Gettens: http://av-media.vu.nl/VUmedia/Viewer/?peid=14a8a04dac894408860cfb56b75214d3