Creating Value Through Process Transformation:

Service Operations, Cost to Serve, Customer Experience, & Growth



By: Sarah Hatfield

VP Product & Marketing, OnProcess

What is the difference between market leaders and everyone else? You guessed it: the customer experience. A seamless customer experience drives loyalty- and we all know that it is far more expensive to bring on a new customer, than it is to retain one. Taking that a step further, customer experience also differentiates your service- it enables you to grow market share, and surpass competitors.

So the question is: how exactly do you deliver a truly exceptional customer experience? In today’s technology centric-world, many jump straight to software as the answer. But is software alone enough to do the trick? Sure it is a component, but it isn’t the end all be all. And why not, you ask? Because software is not the root of the problem- your process is.

Technology is only as effective as the foundation, or the process, that it is built upon. As an example, consider your own business: you probably leverage some type of tool- maybe it’s homegrown, maybe you license it- and in that tool you have a workflow. If you’re really mature, you may even embed predictive analytics, and those analytics will tell you the likelihood of something to happen, or not happen. But what predictive algorithms won’t tell you is what the insight actually means as it relates to service delivery, downstream impacts, and how those events should be actioned differently to drive an optimal outcome.

The Not-So Happy Path

When it comes to stand-alone software solutions, even with client specific configuration and expensive customization, you’re only treating for a portion of your business- the happy path. And that’s not how business works- your business is unique, and riddled with nuances and exceptions.

Manifesting in the form of avoidable costs & unintended customer impacts, these nuances are driven by gaps and overlaps in your end to end service delivery process. Until now, these adverse outcomes have largely been accepted as par for the course, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you ever considered the correlation between avoidable costs and your service delivery process, or your customer’s journey? You guessed it they are one and the same. Every single one of your customer pain points are derived from a break, a gap, an overlap somewhere in your process. Conversely, every single one of your inefficiencies and avoidable costs are also driven by these same gaps.

If you start by fixing the root cause of the issue- the service process itself, you will transform your business from reactive to proactive, save big on operational costs, and most importantly- deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Each of these process driven benefits are critical to your business’ success. The combination of cost reduction and improved customer experience is the ultimate power couple. It’s how you drive both customer and shareholder value, reduce subscriber churn and organically improve market penetration.

Customer Experience Concept, Unhappy Businessman Client with Sadness Emotion Face on Paper Bag, Blurred Concrete Wall with Wording of Negative Reviews as background

Your Customers Don’t Have Problems, Your Processes Do

Use Case #1:

You’ve recently moved for a new job, and while your family and the furniture have all arrived, the most critical event is still pending- your cable/internet installation. The installer scheduled to arrive today between 8 and 12 is a no show. Unbeknownst to you, the technician is stuck in a dusty warehouse an hour and a half away, trying to get the right equipment for the rest of his appointments that week. Now it’s time to spend an hour and a half toggling back and forth between annoying hold music and Paul from customer service to lock in the next available appointment – a mere 6 days from now. Awesome.

Use Case #2:

You are the GM of a managed services firm, and you’ve just received a thoughtfully communicated, yet rather alarming text from your CTO: a server is down. Good news: your IT team is awesome, and has a contingency plan- plus you have a 2 hour SLA with your service provider. 90 minutes later, an engineer arrives to resolve the issue. Bad news: they know what the problem is, but the engineer doesn’t have the right part to fix it. This is going to take longer than expected, revenue is already impacted, and your customers are not happy.

Bringing it All Together

The operational similarities across service delivery are amazing- B2C, B2B- it doesn’t matter. You can see the common thread in each of these cases: somehow, something, somewhere along the service provider’s process failed.

Could software alone have fixed either of these issues? Of course not.

In the all too familiar cable example there was a fundamental break in communication, as well as a poorly established, static process; while in the technology service provider’s case, the technician didn’t even know what part was needed, so an inventory software solution would have been of zero use. Scenarios just like this happen multiple times every single day- think of it like the 80/20 rule. And when exceptions make up 20% of your business, it is no longer an exception- it’s a lost opportunity. A lost opportunity to wow your customer, to reduce cost to serve, and even to save someone from churning.

Business Process

How OnProcess is Different

OnProcess delivers an outcome, not a piece of technology for you to deal with. We expertly design and execute the overarching orchestration of your services. Dynamic solutions are tailored to your business’ individual needs, spanning the end to end delivery continuum- immediately following the point of sale, all the way through end of life.

  • Revenue enablement
  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Service order desk
  • Inventory optimization
  • Field service management
  • Warranty fraud prevention
  • End of life services

So, how do you know when you need help?

Has your company or industry been plagued with M&A activity? Do you have a target to increase growth year over year? Perhaps a cost savings or CSAT improvement target? Does your organization have finite resources, and strong alignment at the corporate level, but competing priorities within the individual functions comprising the service value chain? My guess is yes, to all of the above.

It is one thing to drive efficiencies into your business within individual segments, but what happens when you’ve squeezed as much juice as you possibly can? What happens when you reduce repeat service calls, and drive first time resolution from 73% to 87%? How do you treat for the remaining 13%? Continuing to move the needle is significantly more difficult, yet even more critical- it is what separates the market leaders from the pack.

OnProcess delivers through an outcome based model, with a laser focus on time to value. Implementations are phased in a manner to alleviate the pressures of low hanging fruit first, and continuing to resolve more complex issues over the life of the program. Results are immediate, and realized in the form of quantifiable cost savings, improved revenue, and customer satisfaction results… a far cry from lengthy, expensive software implementations, requiring significant investments of resources, with no direct tie to business outcomes. In our model, we win when you win.

How We Engage: 8 Weeks to Improved Business Outcomes

Solution for problem for business metaphor

Discovery, Not Consulting

People ask all the time if we’re consultants. The simple answer is no, and the answer lies in where you’ll find our value vs. theirs. Consultants have the luxury of not owning anything. They don’t own the process that needs to change, they don’t own the people-focused change management, they don’t own the business outcome, and yet they charge an arm and a leg. Moreover, the KPI’s you are measured on are not the KPI’s they are measured on. That’s a problem.

So, what’s in a word you ask? A lot- and it centers on value. To successfully implement any solution, we need to identify what problems we’re solving for. Some call it consulting, some call it a current state assessment, but we call it discovery- and it’s where we begin- not where we end.

In this phase, we’ll engage our team of service delivery experts, and get really smart about your business really quickly. With access to a few key personnel in your organization we’ll conduct SME interviews, pour over data, review process flows & SOP’s whenever available, and construct an end to end view of the health of your business in just a few days. Your data probably won’t be complete- no one’s is, but that’s okay… working with incomplete, gnarly data is quite literally what we do.


After a few days of intense discovery, we’ll go away for a couple of weeks, and the next time we emerge will be to share our vision for your newly engineered, optimized service delivery process flow. We’ll present relevant views into your data, critical findings identified, and walk through our proposed solution, along with KPI’s aligned directly to your organization, with quantifiable outcomes in the form of cost reduction, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction in an outcome based model.


For us (and more importantly- for you), it’s all about time to value- so the faster, the better! As soon as we’ve aligned on KPI’s and business outcomes, we immediately get to work bringing your optimized service delivery solution to life. Using a combination of highly configurable technology and predictive analytics to drive dynamic business rules, along with a team of highly skilled service experts, we deliver business improvements in as little as 30 days post launch, with an average implementation time of 4-6 weeks.

Continuous Improvement

And because your business is always evolving and never static, so are we. Discovering & resolving today’s problems is great, but in order to truly move up the layers, it is necessary to have a plan for continuous improvement. OnProcess uses AI and machine learning that improves our methodology over time- monitoring, and recording progress, updating algorithms and constantly identifying new ways to increase quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Process for success concept. Wooden cube block flip over word process to success on wood table

OnProcess in Action

Most companies know when something is awry with their service delivery process, and are painfully aware of many challenges and root causes- yet they still have a hard time putting the pieces together in a cohesive way. Even with an exceptionally mature data science team, it takes more than just analysis- it takes service delivery expertise to understand the nuances of the data, to design, and execute an end to end solution to drive optimal business outcomes.

OnProcess ensures all of the puzzles pieces are on the board, leveraging 20 years of service delivery expertise, to effectively orchestrate and execute a seamless end to end service delivery flow, resulting in unparalleled cost savings, improved revenue, and a superior customer experience.

Remember- it’s not how a singular improvement impacts your business, it’s the upstream and downstream impacts that each of the pieces have on one another. True process optimization- that’s what we do: mastering the grand puzzle of cross-functional business processes, service delivery, customer experience, and organic growth.