– February 07, 2022

18th Annual RLA Conf & Expo Las Vegas 2022​

OnProcess Panel Discussion:

Who cares about Dynamic RL? You should.

Tuesday, February 8 | 2:45pm PST

Please join Sean Magann of Sims, Jason MacIver of Dell, Michael Blumberg of Blumberg Advisory Group, and Sid Mehra of OnProcess Technology to hear a lively panel discussion on Dynamic Reverse Logistics.

You already know that Reverse Logistics can transform a business by efficiently retrieving, fixing, or replacing parts. But do you already know everything there is to know about leveraging modern digital processes and technologies to dynamically connect all of your departments, arming them with real-time data empowering your staff to make informed decisions on the spot? Are you fully aware of the impacts a Dynamic Reverse Logics program can bring to your org? Like, improved customer experience, saving costs, retrieve valuable, reusable and recycle parts, while making your business more sustainable and a crucial link in the circular economy?

In this session, you will hear the steps practitioners have taken using Dynamic Reverse Logistics to transform their ability to make intelligent, informed decisions, and draw insight from real-time data to find the best course of action. You will also discover what industry trends are hot today and how they will impact the future of our industry. Dynamic Returns is the future of asset recovery and reverse logistics join this panel discussion to gain valuable insights and knowledge.

You will also have the opportunity to engage the panel, and to share your own experiences and perspectives during the open mic portion of this interesting session.

Moderated by Chris Rezendes, Chief Customer Officer, OnProcess Technology

You can also visit us at booth #306 during the 3-day conference.​


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