– February 17, 2022

The Digital Service Supply Chain: What you need to know, and how to get there

OnProcess WEBINAR:

The Digital Service Supply Chain

February 17, 2022

Digital transformation has become much more than simply automating your processes. Of course efficiency savings, agility, and potential new revenue streams – enabled by digitization – are appealing. However, when businesses start to “think digital-first”, especially when applied to their after-sales service supply chain processes, the opportunities can be staggering.

So what exactly do digital technologies really promise? What are the most important factors to consider? What are the pitfalls? Where do you start? And what can it unlock if you do?

View our OnDemand recording and hear from guest speaker; Vignesh Kannan, Practice Director, Everest Group where he will highlight the latest Everest Group Research and share some of the big market trends and directions. He will also share how Everest Group assessed industry leaders for their latest 2022 Everest Group PEAK Matrix©. You will also hear insights from an HPE industry expert, JL Villalvazo, on what it takes to drive a successful digital supply chain strategy.

Hosted by Joe Hamilton, Vice President, OnProcess Technology


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