– January 26, 2023

Improving Global Supply Chains: Predictions and opportunities for 2023

We’ve experienced two years of service supply chain disruptions, from global shut-downs to freak weather patterns and shifting geopolitical climates – all affecting parts delivery and returns.

What of the future? More economic challenges are coming, and companies are trying to become more resilient while lowering spend and increasing customer satisfaction.

Are you doing everything possible to improve the future of your service supply chain?

Check out the webinar and listen to our panel as they look into the future of the service supply chain and discuss how it’s being transformed.

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Key insights

  • What lies ahead in 2023 (and beyond).
  • The role of data; does it hold the key?
  • Building resiliency in the service supply chain.
  • The importance of returns and reuse.

Featured Speakers:

  • Bridie Norman, VP of Logistics, Elekta
  • Darrell Edwards, Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee
  • Andy Bailey, CMO, OnProcess
  • John Carroll, CEO, Service Council

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