Ashland, MA, February 20, 2018OnProcess Technology, a global pioneer in service supply chain management and optimization, closed 2017 with key customer wins in every vertical, geography and service offering and an array of service innovations, helping businesses achieve aggressive improvements in customer experience, cost reductions and revenue recognition.

“There’s enormous pressure on businesses to improve profits and differentiate on customer service. This puts the focus squarely on post-sales service, which contributes enormously to the bottom line and plays a big role in customer loyalty. With the best practices OnProcess has honed during two decades of post-sale optimization and our investments in research and technology, we’ve been able to create breakthrough services that save companies millions of dollars annually while delivering a great experience for their customers,” said Mike Wooden, CEO of OnProcess Technology. “I expect these innovations and OnProcess’ commitment to superior-quality managed services will drive even greater value for clients in the coming year.”

OnProcess 2017 Highlights

Business Growth
OnProcess had a strong 2017, including an impressive 45 percent YoY growth in its wireless business and continued growth among technology companies thanks to expanded engagements with existing clients and new customer acquisition. New clients included Applied Materials, Atlantic Broadband, Pelco, Pure Storage, SPS, Viasat and 3D Systems.

The company saw strong growth in key service offerings, led by service fulfillment. This follows on the solid FY ‘16 growth OnProcess had in the same area resulting from continued high demand for dispatch and ‘day of job’ managed services.

New Services
Dynamic Parts Planning – This new service includes the only planning model in the industry that uses IoT data to predict spare parts demand based on historical failure patterns and raw machine signals. By feeding the data into OnProcess’ proprietary OPTvisionSM microanalytics and real-time visibility platform, the service determines what parts will be needed and when they will be needed. Companies can safely reduce inventory by six to 10 percent, potentially saving millions of dollars in carrying costs while improving service levels and fill rates.

Warranty & Fraud Management – This is the industry’s first real-time, end-to-end managed service for accelerating the entire warranty process, from product registration, repair order diagnosis and claims processing through parts return, fraud investigation and loss recovery. Businesses save substantial time and money by mitigating fraud, reducing inventory costs and eliminating painstaking warranty processing by employees.

Applied Analytics– OnProcess extended its post-sale managed services with propensity scoring, dynamic returns and operational segmentation analytics. This makes it possible to predict what was unknowable and take extremely efficient, targeted actions to be more competitive and profitable.

Technology and Research Partnerships
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – OnProcess’ joint research with MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics focused on how IoT data can be incorporated into spare parts modeling to enable dynamic, accurate and cost-effective inventory planning. OnProcess incorporated the resulting proprietary model into its new Dynamic Parts Planning Service.

Nice Robotic Process Automation – OnProcess built Nice’s RPA technology into its managed services. By using RPA to replace manual, repetitive tasks, OnProcess accelerates key post-sale functions and makes it easier for clients to realize strong gains in customer experience, efficiencies, cost reductions and revenue recognition.

ByBox – This partnership helps clients of ByBox and OnProcess accelerate field service while significantly reducing parts dispatch and return costs. OnProcess offers global, multi-lingual day-of job operational support for ByBox Stockonnect™ and end-to-end managed services to help Stockonnect customers streamline and improve the entire service order lifecycle.

Industry Accolades
OnProcess Dynamic Parts Planning was recognized as a groundbreaking service by two industry associations. It was named “Innovative Service of the Year” by One Planet and “Best New Service” by Golden Bridge Awards.

OnProcess’ unique post-sale supply chain vision and superior execution were evident by its inclusion in analyst reports including: Everest Group 2017 Supply Chain Management Service Providers Landscape with PEAK Matrix Assessment, where OnProcess was named number one in high-tech and telecom markets, and the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy.

OnProcess corporate and client achievements also earned top spots in these awards: “Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Provider” by Healthcare Tech Outlook; “Top 100 Supply Chain Projects of the Year” by Supply and Demand Chain Executive; “Sales & Customer Service Silver Winner” by the Stevie Awards; and “Executive of the Year” by American Business Awards.

About OnProcess Technology
OnProcess Technology is a managed services provider specializing in complex, global service supply chain operations – the flow of people, parts and services following the sale of a product. The company’s deep expertise, purpose-built technology delivery and embedded, analytics-based process improvement, enable clients to quickly optimize and scale operations, grow revenue and profitability, and deliver superior customer experiences. OnProcess provides services in 23 languages and operates in six global facilities, including its Massachusetts headquarters and facilities in Maine, Costa Rica, India and Bulgaria. Follow @OnProcess


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