Mike Prokopis, LSSYB, VP Technology Bus Dev

In the never ending search for business improvement and optimization, is your company fully utilizing its return for credit program?

Warranty Reclamation: simply stated, how do you improve the number and value of warranty credits provided by your OEM partners?  Manufacturers are increasingly becoming aggregators and integrators…even one sub-assembly ‘not manufactured here’ qualifies…and sales channels proliferate through dealers, distributors and direct.  The complexity of identifying a warranty claim and ensuring what you payout for service equals what is truly recovered is difficult at best.

Additionally, ‘knowing how’ to manage each OEMs unique requirements for inventory returns and credit management creates another unique layer of complexity.  Partners like OnProcess Technology know the value of: (1) reconciling credits provided to dealers/distributors and (2) received from OEMs!  Trusting US will allow YOU to redirect internal resources to focus on their core competencies.