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Did you know that in 20% of order management
cases, revenue is never recognized?

But what if every closed sale brought guaranteed revenue?

Complex sales order management processes create breakage points in the sales-to-revenue journey, including:

Inaccurate or incomplete customer order information

Promotions not updated in back-end billing systems

Installation and service event backlog


As a result of these and other breakage points, time-to-revenue is often delayed.

OnProcess Technology takes a proactive approach to sales order management. We identify orders that have a high propensity to fail and take steps to avoid any potential problems. At the core of these capabilities is OPTvisionSM OnProcess’ proprietary real-time visibility and microanalytics control tower. OPTvisionSM aggregates wide-ranging order-related data, escalates issues as they occur, delivers outcome-changing insights.

All this enables us to optimize order accuracy and processing, quickly resolve outstanding breakages, improve customer onboarding, and complete more installations.