Next Generation of Field Service Management

What if there was an on-demand service model, similar to Uber, but for technicians? What if those technicians were intelligently selected as not only having the right, but the best qualifications, accessibility, reliability, and cost? What would it mean to your bottom line?

OnProcess Technology’s OPTech Field Service Management eliminates heavy fixed costs and drives optimization to the hilt with the industry’s only on-demand, digital marketplace for field service management.

This groundbreaking new service features a unique variable labor model, which is sourced through our trusted network of authorized service partners. We work with best in class field service organizations, not 1099. With a focus on continuing education, our partners ensure our labor force is always prepared, no matter what the job. From there, our proprietary analytics engine intelligently selects the right technicians for every job, who are then expertly managed by the industry leader who boasts two decades of niche domain expertise: OnProcess Technology. Together, these innovations form OPTech Field Service Management, a revolutionary managed service that delivers exceptional, end-to-end field service management and drastic cost savings.

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Field Service Management

OPTiQ Intelligent Analytics Engine

Proactive Exception Management

Authorized Service Partner Network

Marketplace Price Influence


On-Demand Labor | Authorized Service Partner Digital Marketplace | Eliminates Fixed Costs | Continuous Cost Savings | Top Quality Service | Increased Customer Satisfaction | Easily Scale Up/Down Fast | Improved Operational Metrics

“Seventy-six percent of the service organizations polled by TSC rely on third-parties for the completion of service work and, given labor resource constraints, there is increasing interest in using flexible labor policies to support field service work. But challenges remain particularly around work quality, training time and cost, and technology integration. Workforce management solutions, such as OnProcess Technology’s OPTech Field Service Management, are positioned to support today’s service leaders in addressing this critical need.”
– Sumair Dutta, Chief Customer Officer, The Service Council


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The Next Generation of Field Service Management: OPTech

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