Accelerating New Service Delivery and Reducing Costs for Broadband MSOs


Broadband MSOs are under tremendous pressure to deliver new value-add services and compelling programming—the faster, the better. In the face of increased M&A activities and growing competition, they’re also challenged with reducing overall costs and customer churn and improving the customer experience.

Many MSOs find these objectives extremely difficult to achieve. For one thing, programming is a significant financial investment. For another, rolling out next-gen services is akin to acting like a startup: you need to quickly scale the people and systems that handle everything from customer education and onboarding to installations to triage, and have an agile team that can provide end-to-end visibility. However, most MSOs lack the visibility and standardization needed to effectively scale and manage these people and processes. Plus, their processes are largely manual. This means that not only are they prone to error, they’re time-consuming and often result in customer delays, improperly diagnosed problems, higher churn and increased costs.

Broadband ScreenshotAccelerating New Services Delivery and Reducing Costs for Broadband MSOs

Learn more about how OnProcess Technology’s managed services can help boost profitability and customer satisfaction by transforming your back-office into a completely transparent, efficient and centralized operation.


The OnProcess

OnProcess Technology enables MSOs to easily overcome these challenges and achieve these goals. By transforming your entire post-sales supply chain into a completely transparent, efficient and unified operation, our managed services delivers the insights and actionable intelligence needed to boost your profitability and make customer service a true differentiator.

Our unique combination of technology-driven delivery, advanced analytics-based process improvements and service supply chain expertise enable us to make a tangible impact on your business.  For instance:

  • Dramatically improve the customer experience and reduce churn by using OnProcess’ Center of Excellence to enhance support and remove transactions. With this seamless, one-stop shop service, we efficiently handle everything from issue identification and troubleshooting to product education and technician scheduling, without hand-offs. A leading broadband company realized a $2.6 million improvement in operating cash flow by improving retention and CSAT.
  • Cut costs by enabling a variable cost structure, reducing capital expenditures in asset recovery and increasing velocity of returns, as well as automating manual processes, initiating proactive outreach and reducing transactions such as inbound calls and unforecasted truck rolls. For instance, a large telco saved $60 million annually in CapEx avoidance while boosting customer satisfaction.
    • Increase revenue by recapturing missed, cancelled and incomplete installations. A major broadband client improved revenue by $24 million by mitigating sales-to-connect fallout.
    • Incubate and rapidly roll out next-gen services, such as connected home, connect car and other Internet of Things offerings, and improve customer retention by using OnProcess to handle complex onboarding, tech support and customer education.
    • Improve Day of Job with OnProcess’ centralized service provided by agents who are highly skilled in supporting installation technicians.
    • Optimize third-party relations by integrating their systems with yours, gaining unprecedented insights into the operations they conduct on your behalf, and having OnProcess manage the end-to-end processes.

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Best Practices for Optimizing the Customer Sales-to-Connect Journey
by Karen Kosh, VP, Cable and Wireless



OnProcess Managed Services for Broadband MSOs

Our service supply chain pedigree and deep broadband market expertise enable OnProcess to rapidly deliver measureable, long-term results at scale through these post-sale supply chain services:

Revenue Enablement

We handle back office order processing/provisioning, proactively reach out to your customers to fix broken orders and educate customers in order to minimize churn and increase cross-selling.


  • Order Processing/Provisioning
  • Managing Failed Orders and Exceptions
  • Customer Education
  • Activation
  • Provisioning / Site Validation
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Schedule Assurance
  • Market Research
  • Self-install Customer Support

Triage / customer support

We improve the customer experience at every point of interaction and ensure the right service for the right contact. From managing entitlement to using remote monitoring and IoT-based technology to provide proactive and preventive support, we cover all the bases.


  • Pre-Service Proactive Triage
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Escalated Queue Management

Service Fulfillment

We manage the dispatch of parts and technicians to optimize service networks and inventory, and rapidly close out service events, meet SLAs, and improve customer satisfaction ratings.


  • Day of Job Inbound Support
  • Dispatch Support Services (Labor and Product)
  • Overnight Queue Management
  • Overflow Support
  • Upgrade Management
  • Market Research

Reverse Logistics

We facilitate, track and expedite the return and replacement of valuable assets from the field or customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory.


  • Advanced Exchange
  • Asset Recovery from the Field or Customer
  • Disconnect
  • Downgrade
  • Backlog and Stranded Assets in the Field

Transportation Order Management

We manage everything from shipment transportation and dispatch, to tracking in transit, carrier onboarding and invoicing, and customer billing, as well as transportation logistics helpdesk.


  • Transportation Management of Shipment
  • Transportation Tracking
  • Carrier Onboarding and Management
  • Customer Billing and Carrier Invoicing
  • Transportation Logistics Help Desk