Driving Visibility and Accelerating Profits for Medical Equipment Companies


Medical equipment provides the visibility, intelligence and, often, automation needed to effectively diagnose, prevent and treat patient conditions. Interestingly, some of the biggest challenges facing medical equipment providers—high costs, lost revenue and low customer satisfaction—stem from a lack of these same capabilities in their post-sales operations.

For many medical equipment companies, these challenges are extremely daunting and only getting more so in the face of increasing system and process fragmentation brought on by M&As; complexities with reimbursement, asset recovery and customer experience; and limited corporate resources available to manage excessively manual service supply chain operations.

Medical ScreenshotDriving Visibility and Accelerating Profits for Medical Equipment Companies

Learn more about how OnProcess Technology’s managed services can help boost profitability and customer satisfaction by transforming your back-office into a completely transparent, efficient and centralized operation.


The OnProcess Rx

OnProcess Technology enables medical equipment companies of any size to effectively address all of these issues. By transforming your entire service supply chain into a completely transparent, efficient and unified operation, our managed services can dramatically improve both your top and bottom lines, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our unique combination of technology-driven delivery, analytics-based process improvements and service supply chain expertise enable us to make a tangible impact on your business.

For instance:

  • Capture lost revenue by surfacing and improving contract compliance, such as one of our clients who realized more than $2.3 million from revenue generation and equipment returns.
  • Accelerate reimbursements for home medical equipment. By increasing the speed of onboarding customers and managing compliance, our clients have driven over $4 million in annual revenue recognition.
  • Lower costs by building a more efficient depot network and driving automation into dispatch processes and integration with 3PLs. Medical equipment, life sciences and DME/HME providers often reduce operational costs by up to 35% or more.
    • Improve SLAs by reducing Mean Time to Repair and ensuring, for example, that service technicians’ data is automatically uploaded as soon as they leave the confines of the hospital. Like one of our medical equipment clients, you may be able to decrease tech admin time by 20% and boost inventory returns by an average of six days.
    • Effectively handle known and unforeseen supply chain issues. For instance, an OnProcess client leveraged our analytics capabilities to reduce transportation costs by more than $20 million

OnProcess Managed Services for Medical Equipment Companies

Our service supply chain pedigree and deep medical equipment market expertise enable OnProcess to rapidly deliver measurable, long-term results at scale through these post-sale supply chain services:

Revenue Enablement

We proactively reach out to your customers to fix broken orders, assist with product/account activation and educate customers in order to minimize remorse returns and increase cross-selling.


  • Order Fulfillment
  • Managing Failed Orders and Exceptions
  • Customer Education
  • Activation
  • Provisioning / Site Validation
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Contract Compliance
  • Control Tower for Installation and Training

Triage / customer support

We improve the customer experience at every point of interaction and ensure the right service for the right contract. From managing entitlement to using remote monitoring and IoT-enabled technology to provide proactive and preventive support, we cover all the bases.


  • Entitlement Verification
  • Triage Level 0/1 Troubleshooting
  • Remote Monitoring and IoT-based analysis
  • Service Request Creation

Service Fulfillment

We manage the dispatch of parts and technicians to optimize service networks and inventory, and rapidly close out service events, meet SLAs, and improve customer satisfaction ratings.


  • RMA Creation
  • Scheduling of Parts and Technicians
  • Control Tower for Tracking Visibility
  • Service Network or Inventory Optimization / Control
  • Equipment Upgrade / Swap Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Data Migration / Cleansing
  • Import / Export Documentation Assistance
  • Carnet Management
  • Recall Management

Reverse Logistics

We facilitate, track and expedite the return and replacement of valuable assets from the field or customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory.


  • Asset Recovery From the Field or Customer
  • Asset Recovery Sales Demo Equipment
  • Repair Cycle Management
  • Inventory Planning
  • Warranty Management
  • Import / Export

Transportation Order Management

We manage everything from shipment transportation and dispatch, to tracking in transit, carrier onboarding and invoicing, and customer billing, as well as transportation logistics helpdesk.


  • Transportation Management of Shipment
  • Transportation Tracking
  • Carrier Onboarding and Management
  • Customer Billing and Carrier Invoicing
  • Transportation Logistics Help Desk