Why OnProcess

Global Pioneer in Service Supply Chain Management and Optimization

Why OnProcess?

OnProcess’ expertise in post-sales supply chain operations has made us the managed services provider of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, across technology, broadband, medical equipment, logistics, manufacturing and mobile industries.

Most of our clients have been with OnProcess for eight years or more – a rarity in this demanding industry. By working with OnProcess, they save many millions of dollars annually, reap significant revenue gains and improve the customer experience to such an extent that they can now differentiate on operational and service excellence, rather than price.

Our ability to consistently deliver strong results can be traced to our service supply chain pedigree, technology-driven delivery, analytics-based process improvements and control tower solution.

Service Supply Chain Pioneer

Service supply chain is in our DNA. From our early focus on reverse logistics and asset recovery, OnProcess has been an innovator in service supply chain management and optimization. Our expertise in navigating the challenges and nuances inherent in every point of your process helps us transform your service supply chain into a competitive differentiator.

Technology-Driven Delivery

Our proprietary OnProcess 360 platform is the workflow engine that underpins OnProcess’ service delivery, enabling us to drive client efficiencies, reduce your costs and enable visibility across operations and partners. The platform, which includes triage, service fulfillment and reverse logistics modules, automates business rules and tribal human knowledge, integrates disparate data and systems from supply chain ecosystem partners including 3PLs, and reduces handle time and—as a result—the errors inherent in manual processes.

Advanced Analytics-based Process Improvements

Analytics has been an integral part of OnProcess’ delivery since our founding and is baked into our best practices. We dive deep into clients’ operations and systems to find root causes and answers for the challenges you face. By combining advanced analytics and predictive modeling with in-depth voice-of-the-customer research and Lean Six Sigma methodology, we’re able to segment our client’s customer population, understand ecosystem partner nuances, and specify how to improve processes and economic value across each segment of the customer and partner base, and every aspect of the post-sale supply chain.

OPTvision℠ Visibility and Micro-Analytics Platform

OPTvision is the industry’s only control tower solution that combines real-time, end-to-end visibility with advanced micro-analytics-driven alerts to enable significant improvements in post-sale supply chain revenue, cost-to-serve and customer satisfaction. As part of OnProcess’ managed services, OPTvision makes it easier than ever to keep a finger on the pulse of your entire post-sale supply chain, manage by exception and drive desired outcomes. It’s used by OnProcess account teams to proactively manage customer support, field service, return and repair services, and by OnProcess clients to gain a deep understanding of and control over their post-sale operations.

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“Digital business will force aftermarket services to transform. Profitably supporting digital business growth requires elastic and scalable aftermarket services that capture data across the value chain, analyze it and determine an optimal course of action.”

– Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Services, 2016, Gartner Inc., 12 April 2016

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