Advanced Analytics-Powered Services Drive Greater Savings and Targeted Outcomes, Fast

Advanced Analytics

If there’s one word that characterizes the post-sale supply chain, ‘dynamic’ might be it. Whether you’re talking about the top inquiries customer service is fielding, supply and demand ratios, reasons customers are churning, or which inventory parts are over- or under-stocked, the one thing you can count on is this: The answers will be different month-to-month, week-to-week or even day-to-day.

To effectively manage such a fluid environment, you need four things: deep visibility across the post-sale supply chain, the intelligence to predict changes so you can plan ahead, the ability to take actions that drive specific outcomes, and operations that can turn on a dime.

OnProcess Technology makes this possible with post-sales managed services that are built for flexibility, powered by advanced analytics and delivered via OPTvision, OnProcess’ proprietary micro-analytics and visibility platform.

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Advanced Analytics-Powered Services Drive Greater Savings and Targeted Outcomes, Fast


The OnProcess

OnProcess is 100-percent focused on global service supply chain operations – the flow of people, parts and services following the sale of a product. We cover the entire spectrum, from revenue enablement and customer support through service fulfillment, reverse logistics, and warranty and fraud management. Two decades of experience enables us to understand the nuances of these complex, fragmented processes across multiple industries. And the unique way we operationalize advanced analytics enables us to maintain strong customer service levels while delivering superior outcomes.

According to Gartner, “more analytics can lead to better insights, which can in turn lead to profitable decisions.” With OnProcess’ Propensity Scoring, Dynamic Returns and Operational Segmentation analytics fueling our managed services, we can ensure tremendous savings for you and a great experience for your customers.

Propensity Scoring: Plan Better

Propensity scoring is critical to optimizing your post-sale supply chain. This advanced form of predictive analytics forecasts which behaviors have a probability of occurring, or not occurring, so we can plan and execute actions around them.

Dynamic Returns: Act Deftly

The products your customers are returning may not be the ones you need most. They may be parts you targeted a few months ago, but now there are other, higher-demand devices that you want to get back faster, so you can put them into repair and replenishment and reduce new purchases.

Operational Segmentation: Work Smarter

Analytics are only useful if you operationalize them throughout the post-sale supply chain. But many companies don’t have the resources, time or expertise to do this. OnProcess uses analytics as the foundation of our managed services. It’s what enables us to deliver strong results so quickly and cost-effectively.