Drive Profitability and Revenue with Record Asset Recovery, and Efficient Returns and Repair Management

A research study of more than 6.5 million transactions conducted on behalf of global leaders in broadband, technology OEMs, medical device OEMs and wireless service providers, unveiled that best in class asset recovery rates in a 90 day period range from 83.1% to 93.3%.

Is your company achieving the best possible asset recovery results?
What would a 5%– 20% improvement in asset recovery mean to your bottom line?

If you have valuable assets in the field with technicians or customers and they’re staying in the field rather than coming back, then you’re spending unnecessary CapEx for new buys.

OnProcess has nearly 20 years in the business as a pioneer in reverse logistics helping clients dramatically reduce asset recovery-related costs while improving customer experience. We facilitate, track and expedite the return and replacement of assets from the field or customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory.

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Reduce Repurchases | Increase Returns and Velocity | Decrease Days of Inventory
Increase Recovery Rates | Reduce Overnight Shipments | Continuous Improvement | Reduce Fraudulent Replacements | Save Money | Reduce Technician Inventory | Improve Service Levels | Improve Fill Rates Improve Customer Experience | Real-time End-to-End Visibility

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“OnProcess enabled us to be proactive with our customers and smarter about how we manage swap orders. Now that we get more devices back faster, we spend significantly less on replacements”.
– Howard Green, Senior Business Analyst, Rogers Wireless

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