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Apply innovative digital solutions to transform your post-sales processes. Take your service supply chain to the next level with digital customer experiences, dynamic data-driven routing, intelligent decision-making and end-to-end visibility and control.

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The parts management paradox

Every product owner and manufacturer today is under pressure to address seemingly conflicting issues—for example, how to operate more efficiently and improve customer service levels, while driving sustainability and cost-reduction goals.

Your post-sales supply chain can help or hinder your efforts to achieve this balance.

Manual and disconnected processes can lead to inefficiency and waste. But if you digitize and automate these processes, you can turn a cost center into a platform for new digital customer experiences, dramatic efficiency gains and innovative circular, sustainable service chains.

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Digital parts management

Our digital transformation services help you untangle the complexity of your post-sales supply chain and gain a complete understanding of every process. Then we apply the magic. We develop new and better processes, powered by AI and informed by our own brand of post-sales intelligence.

The Agora platform

Our Agora platform does most of the heavy lifting by integrating and organizing data from any source, building rules and generating Dynamic Service Insight.

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Focused on recovery?

Then you need Agora Recover. This is our purpose-built asset recovery solution that boasts comprehensive reporting, intelligent decisioning, self-service dashboards and a powerful suite of field operations tools.

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Our three-step digitisation process

Integrate and organize

We gather part data from across your service supply chain and blend this with customer contract data. The output of this process—Dynamic Service Insight—feeds intelligence into our applications and customer communications.

Apply intelligence and digitize

Next, we apply data-driven intelligence and AI to identify and deliver new efficiencies and innovative digital experiences. Predictive algorithms and business rules guide actions. For example, if your data tells us certain customers prefer to be contacted via automated chat rather than phone calls, we update your automated communications accordingly using business rules and intelligence engines.

Optimize and rationalize, endlessly

Our job is never done. We’re constantly tracking the impact of our work and tweaking processes based on new data and new insight. For example, assessing propensity models and predicting future parts failure before it happens, or dynamically adjusting returns routing based on specific component locations and outstanding warranties.

OnProcess quickly transformed a global, fragmented and highly complex order management system into a centralized, streamlined program that improves customer experience while saving us money Bridie Norman, VP Elekta Logistics Platform, Elekta

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What is Dynamic Service Insight?

This is our name for the unique cocktail of data that fuels our transformation services. It’s a rich blend of your data (drawn from your system of record) and our own unique insights. We consolidate this information within our data factory to generate clean, accurate and up-to-date data that can power the AI and ML systems we use to automate critical processes.

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Parts data is just the start

Part data is intrinsically tied to customer contract data. You can’t make smart decisions about parts management without clear visibility into SLAs and contractual nuances.
Yet most businesses manage each data set in a separate silo. We take the opposite tack. We compare and contrast the two. That way we can make decisions that work for your business, rather than just the recovery team.

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A snapshot of your service supply chain

Our Client Dashboard (we call it Visibility & Orchestration) gives you fingertip access to real-time and historical performance reporting.

You can track:

Key success metrics

return rate and velocity (by value, volume, and percent)

Escalations and exceptions

Carrier performance monitoring

pickup and in transit, etc.

This is also where you can:

Export raw data

Access FAQ documentation

program overview, status/comment key, etc.

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