Speed Repairs, Anticipate Problems, Slash Costs and Make Your Customers Happier

Is your organization wasting money on avoidable truck rolls?

Industry data shows that, on average, 30% of truck rolls are unnecessary because the problem could have been solved over the phone. At $75 – $100/roll, this can add up to millions of dollars and unhappy customers. And, in some industries, inbound calls are handled by expensive level 3/4 technicians that could have been handled by level 0/1 personnel.

OnProcess Technology eliminates needless triage cycles and helps you fix more customer problems quickly at less cost. We pioneered post-sale supply chain managed services over two decades ago and it remains our sole focus today. Leveraging best practices honed over these years plus our advanced technology and analytics expertise, we offer tailored triage services for broadband and medical/technical businesses that optimize your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Service Solutions

Broadband Providers – Proactive Truck Roll Avoidance

Call Prioritization

Predictive Analytics

Outbound Service Event Pre-Call

Medical/Technical OEMs – Streamlined Inbound Support

Entitlement Verification

Level 0/1 Troubleshooting

Remote Monitoring Data Capture and IoT-Based Analysis

Escalated Queue Management

Service Request Creation

And, for product problems that can’t be resolved via pre-event calls and level 0/1 support, many clients take advantage of OnProcess’ technician and parts dispatch service.


Save Money | Speed Repairs | Improve CSAT | Generate Revenue Faster
Flex with Seasonality and Growth | Optimize Dispatch Processes |Proactively Mitigate Trouble Calls

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By resolving more problems during proactive pre-service event calls, OnProcess cancels 10% – 15% of client truck rolls. This helped a major entertainment company save $3.9 million in one year.

Truck Roll Reduction Whitepaper

Triage Data Sheet

Medical and Technology  Datasheet

Broadband Datasheet