by Lindsay Shields, Solutions Engineer, OnProcess Technology, Inc.

As Broadband providers expand their service offerings into the Connected/Intelligent Home space, they create what is now known in the industry as the “quad play” – Video, Internet, Phone, plus Home Security.  In a very real sense, these new services represent a new product launch; with all the challenges, complexities and pitfalls that confront any new startup.

Some of the more common challenges our Broadband clients are facing include:

  • order flow through challenges
  • customer misperceptions
  • limited resource availability
  • high operational costs
  • delayed revenue recognition
  • lack of visibility into customer satisfaction issues

…and the list goes on.

For the past two years, OnProcess has been helping some of the North American continent’s top service providers to improve their order flow through,  streamline processes to achieve faster time-to-revenue, and improve the customer experience in a measurable way (including NetRecommender scores – see table below). Through a connected ecosystem of seven functionally oriented service products, OnProcess supports its Broadband and Satellite providers uncover and solve process gaps – providing sustainable, end-to-end lifecycle management.



Some sample outcomes include:

  • Accelerate lead time from order creation to customer consultation by 25%
  • Minimize sales order flow-through gaps; increase flow-through rate by 35%
  • Improve conversion rate of sales orders to customer connections by 12.5%
  • Maximize installation completion rates; an increase of 11%
  • Provide proactive customer education and issue mitigation to improve customer retention
  • Provide VOC (voice of customer) that lead to improvements in service delivery
  • Increase visibility into continuous improvement and training opportunities for sales and technical operations teams through robust reporting packages

Working with OnProcess, leading Broadband MSOs have been able to successfully launch and improve their “Quad Play” services and success metrics. Find out more at our Website  or contact us today for details.