Revolutionizing Inventory Management

“Carrying costs average about 25% of inventory value.”

– Production Spare Parts: Optimizing the MRO Inventory Asset, Industrial Press, Inc.

If you could reduce your inventory by even 6%, how much
money would you save?

By virtue of our nearly two decades of focused work in the post-sale supply chain, OnProcess has been able to develop a proprietary dynamic spare parts planning algorithm, in partnership with the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics. The result is spare parts planning that is dynamic as your business, including consistent IoT data to predict demand based on historical failure patterns and raw machine signals. As a result, you’ll achieve unparalleled predictability, reductions in inventory up to 10 percent, substantial carrying cost savings and improved service levels and fill rates.

Spare Parts Inventory Optimization

Consume Base Data

  • Sales
  • Warranty
  • Historical pattens

Consume IoT Data

  • Diagnostics
  • Machine failures
  • Demand-side machine signals

Apply Predictive Algorithm

  • Historical pattens
  • Demand-side machine signals

Optimized Planning Analytics

  • Inventory reduction recommendations
  • Maintain or improve current service levels

Reduce New Inventory Buys

  • Transform business outcome into economic value


Achieve unparalleled predictability | Reduce inventory up to 10%
Save substantial money | Maintain or improve service levels and fill rates

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