Accelerate Claims Processing and Prevent Fraud

Fraudulent warranty claims account for up to 15% of an average company’s warranty costs and cause businesses to lose 5% of their annual revenue. – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Do you have visibility to the hidden problems in your process?

From Product Registration through Repair Diagnosis/Triage and Reverse Logistics/Replenishment, OnProcess’ comprehensive analytics-driven managed services will help you prevent fraud, reduce costs and recover losses.

Service Components

Product Registration

Predictive & Preventative Analytics

Repair Diagnosis & Triage

OEM Warranty Reclaim Processing

Reverse Logistics & Replenishment


Settlement Recovery

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“OnProcess’ custom solution for HPE is a critical component of our efforts to identify and eliminate fraudulent warranty claims, leading to substantial financial savings. The Global Brand Security program also benefits other key areas of HPE business, including inventory management, transportation costs, and improvements to our returns process.”

– Kollen Brower, Director, Global Program Services , Global Brand Security, HPE

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