A heritage of innovation

We started out in 1998 as a reverse logistics company. Over the last twenty years we’ve become the best in the business by applying analytics, AI and machine learning to consistently improve the way enterprises manage their parts and serve their customers. Now we’re shifting focus to the rest of the service supply chain.

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Why we’re different

Using our proprietary platform, deep domain expertise and powerful data-enriching model, we help businesses delight their customers with top-notch experiences, reduce costs across the board and hit sustainability targets.

Our technology

OnProcess Agora™ is the groundbreaking technology that powers all our services. Offering a fully-integrated stack of critical insight-deriving, problem-untangling tools, Agora provides full control and visibility across your entire service supply chain. Combined with our expertise, Agora helps us help you with all your tricky service supply chain needs.

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Our experience

We’ve been doing this for over twenty years, helping some of the world’s largest enterprises refine their processes and solve their most complex service supply chain challenges.

This experience has taught us that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds—lower costs and a better customer experience. This belief keeps us focused and serves as a north star when we’re developing our technology and services.

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Who we serve

We serve some of the largest and most prestigious enterprises in the world. See how we’ve helped companies in different industries reimagine their service supply chains.

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Get to know the people behind the scenes.

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Our Mission

We’re on a quest to power the world’s service supply chains and make them more circular.

We do this by bringing everything together–shattering data silos, integrating key technologies and connecting people.

Our vision

We’re living through an economic shift. Consumers and businesses are increasingly looking to buy services rather than products. No one will “own” a server or a MRI machine; they’ll lease them on flexible contracts and pay a regular subscription fee for support, maintenance and upgrades. For the owners of these products, this will mean less waste, better service and happier customers.

This is the sharing economy, and it’s the way of the future. But we’re taking it a step further, by bringing waste-awareness and sustainable thinking to businesses. This is what’s called the Circular Economy—and we plan to lead it.

Our Values

We’re committed to upholding these five core values.

Delight Customers

Why? Our customers are why we exist, and the value we provide is why they trust us. That’s why we will always try to exceed expectations and delight our customers with service and partnership.


Why? We believe that innovative change is a positive force and that the status quo breeds malaise. That’s why technology and digital innovation is in our DNA, and why we will always look for new ways to do old things better.


Why? We believe everyone and every business must play a part for a sustainable future. That’s why we want to be at the beating heart of a circular world where products and parts are re-used, waste and emissions minimised, and business sense prevails.


Why? We honour our commitments, and help our customers honour theirs too. We treat everyone with respect and always speak honestly and openly. We are accountable for our actions and will always choose the ethical path.

One Team

Why? OnProcess is the collective sum of its people, customers, and partners. We will go out of our way to support and include each other and the broader community, inside and out of work, and always acting as #oneteam.

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