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We’ve worked in service parts management for over 20 years. And in that time, we’ve helped businesses of every stripe rescue their inventory, save money and improve the customer experience.

OnProcess works with businesses across key industries such as:

Networking Infrastructure

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We help network infrastructure providers maintain optimal uptime by intelligently anticipating parts failures before they happen and ensuring replacement parts and engineers get to where they need to be to minimize disruption.

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Computing & Storage

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We help cloud storage, PaaS and SaaS providers offer reliable, always-on services to their customers by optimizing operational processes, preempting service events, and improving the sustainability and speed of freight logistics.

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Telecoms & Broadband

We help telecoms and broadband providers onboard subscribers, reduce churn, streamline device delivery and ensure their customer service consistently pleases subscribers and entices them to stay long term. We also assist with recovering old devices, so businesses can capitalize on refurbishment, resale and extraction of valuable materials.

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Medical Equipment

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We help medical equipment OEMs and distributors stay compliant to service SLAs and maintain critical uptime of lifesaving machines. Our intelligent platform makes it possible to predict failures before they happen, so field engineers and replacement parts can be dispatched before any equipment failure.

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Medical Wearables

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We help medical wearables manufacturers and distributors deliver healthcare devices to end users and assist in ensuring users are onboarded correctly. We can also help wearables distributors to maximize their earnings by ensuring devices are promptly recovered after their end of service, so their usage data can be converted into earnings.

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Consumer Electronics

We help consumer electronics OEMs plan their operations, deliver devices to users and recover defunct equipment for refurbishment, resale or recycling. Our intelligent, data-led process optimization helps businesses become more sustainable and profitable across their service supply chain, so they can reduce unnecessary costs, recover profits and improve overall sustainability and environmental friendliness.

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