OnProcess for Medical Wearables

Onboard the masses and streamline your operations and service monetization

The medical wearables industry has exploded in recent years. But this rise in demand comes with a pressing need to offer robust, clear onboarding services and to-the-minute scheduling for device retrievals, data offloading and redistribution.

OnProcess helps you do all that. At OnProcess, we help you remotely onboard your customers so you can be sure essential devices are being used as intended. Using our AI-capable platform Agora, we also help you plan for device recovery and data collection, so you can keep use flowing in a cost-effective way.

We understand your challenges

You need to maximize the reusability of your products — because demand is high but supplies are limited.

Your customers often aren’t very tech-savvy — meaning the onboarding process is harder than it is for most device distributors.

Demand is hard to predict — so you need to be prepared for surges and ebbs.

You need to stay HIPAA-compliant in everything you do, including device delivery, recovery and refurbishment.

Device uptime is literally a life or death matter — meaning you need to stay ahead of maintenance and anticipate failures before they happen.

You want to reduce truck rolls and maintenance or assistance call-outs.

Your efforts to recover and reuse devices are eating into the cost savings of recovering equipment.

OnProcess vastly improved our client onboarding and recovery of devices. Making it easier for us to monetize the data, and reducing our costs as well as patient churn. It has been transformational for us and our patients. Director of Global Delivery at a top medical company

We can help you

Onboard patients so they use your devices properly and get the most value out of your product

Reduce patient churn and keep users with you even when insurance policies change

Optimize the recovery of devices from patients, so you can get offload data swiftly and prepare devices for the next users

Monetize data to accurately reclaim costs from insurance companies for services already rendered

Bring down cost of service by reducing hardware and operational costs

Reduce truck rolls by limiting the number of unexpected customer service events and making it easy for patients to onboard remotely

Improve time to revenue by streamlining your entire service supply chain process

Intelligent solutions to help you manage your aftermarket service parts logistics


Optimize your processes so you can get the highest returns out of your investments. Use predictive analytics to maximize device uptime and reduce equipment failure.

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Improve patient onboarding and grow the number of patients using your product. Reduce the occurrence of device failures, and speed up deliveries of replacements when needed.

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Improve device recovery rates. Easily (and securely) retrieve data from wearables for patient wellbeing and to improve charging for services. Reduce future cost to serve.

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Your business, made better with OnProcess Agora™

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology underpinning our services. Part data factory, part AI engine, Agora helps companies make better decisions, improve their lifecycle management and streamline operations.

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