Our platform

A platform for change

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology that powers our digital services. It’s a fully-integrated stack of critical applications that allows our people to orchestrate and automate processes across the service supply chain.

Why we built Agora

The typical service supply chain is a web of disconnected, manual processes managed by siloed departments. It’s in desperate need of digitalization and automation.

That’s why we built Agora. It unites all of the tools needed to gain complete control and visibility across the service supply chain. And it’s fueled by accurate, high-quality, dynamic data. It gives our people the ability to reimagine and automate processes on the fly. And that’s the secret to dramatically reducing costs, transforming the customer experience and hitting sustainability targets.

Five critical components

Visibility & Orchestration Layer

This is a common framework layer that provides visibility across the platform and supports end-user apps such as self-service portals, management and control dashboards, and other tools that give your operations and customer service teams easy access to the data and insights they need.

CX & Communications Layer