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Deliver frictionless after-sales customer experiences

Consumer electronics OEMs are under pressure to innovate. With increased customer demand, short product lifecycles and constant competition, it can sometimes feel like a race to the bottom. Customers expect seamless, digital-first interactions with companies—and dynamic service supply chains are crucial to this. We help with that. Improve device delivery and recovery, increase profitability and build stronger relationships with your customers.

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We can help you:

Maintain uptime and deliver a better customer experience

Improve customer interactions with your brand by ensuring a consistently good after-sales experience, no matter the circumstance. We help to streamline customer-facing service-parts processes, to minimize customer effort and offer online self-service options.

Meet demand with large install bases

Varying levels of device usage, product lifecycle stage and competition can make it difficult to effectively plan inventory—especially with a large install base. We can help you to optimize your service-parts planning by using recovery data and history to create accurate plans according to your service-parts needs.

Maximize the profitability of your subscription model

A dynamic service supply chain is intrinsically linked to improving customer lifetime value. By creating a more cohesive after-sales experience for your customers, you’ll be able to upsell and cross-sell better, offer new devices and identify refurbishment opportunities faster.

Recover assets from customers

Drastically improve device recovery rates from customers, so you can identify and capitalize on remarketing opportunities and help your customers avoid relationship-damaging additional costs. Improve device recovery and maximize value by refurbishing, repurposing and reselling devices.

Speed up deliveries and recoveries

Enhance the efficiency of your after-sales service through added visibility across your service supply chain. Track every device in transit and strategically coordinate device storage to optimize upcoming deliveries.

Reduce costs

Minimize your transportation, labor, and inventory-carrying costs across the entire service supply chain. Realize additional savings by reducing new inventory purchases and eliminating inefficiencies throughout the process.

Here’s how we deliver for companies like yours

See how we helped a leading entertainment and wireless communications provider save millions of dollars through inventory optimization.
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$60 million saved

annually through cost avoidance

95% recovery

for voluntary disconnects

20% increase

in recovery for non-voluntary disconnects (up to 55%)

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Whether you want to optimize a few key processes or digitize your entire process, end-to-end, we can help.

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