Agora Recover: A digital solution to transform your asset recovery

Digitally transform your asset recovery process with our Agora Recover services. Powered by our Agora platform, Agora Recover is a powerful suite of tools for your field engineers and customers. Reduce inefficiencies. Minimize costs. And become more sustainable.

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Fine-tune the asset recovery process

Traditional parts recovery gets a bad rap for being unnecessarily difficult. Disparate data sources limit the ability to manage the returns process, while gaps in receipts at warehouses or a lack in standardization in returns policies and practices don’t make it easy. Our Agora Recover services take the stress out of the recovery process, making it easy for you to reclaim essential parts and materials for refurbishment and reuse—and, by doing so, become part of the Circular Economy.

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Agora Recover makes it easy for you to:

Drive dynamic returns & streamline your asset recovery

Remove the bloat from your processes and minimize unnecessary back-and-forth. Make real-time decisions and put recovery data directly into planning processes, not just averages. 

Put circularity into your service supply chain

Reduce unnecessary transportation costs and waste by redirecting recovered parts according to value, demand and reusability.

Revenue Intelligence

Drive new levels of warranty credits and revenues at the point of service.

Improve customer satisfaction

Fast track to new digital-first customer experiences. Take the strain off your end-customers by offering communications through their channel of choice.

Make real-time decisions using Dynamic Service Insight

Get a better view of processes across the parts recovery cycle, make decisions to drive outcomes at the correct point in time to deliver real savings and meet demand.

Create a clear roadmap of next steps

Get a clear picture of what needs to be done, so you can ensure the right parts are getting where they need to be, when they need to be there.

A huge range of features

Our Agora Recover services come with a huge range of useful features that give you more visibility and control over your entire service supply chain. With sophisticated reporting capabilities, self-service portals and cloud-based integrations, Agora Recover enables powerful omnichannel communications and transparency.

With Agora Recover, you can get:

At-a-glance visibility of performance metrics, trends and analytics

Return rate, velocity, escalations and exceptions

Improved new-buy avoidance, visibility of resale and credit opportunity

Data driven channel-of-choice preferences

Intelligent decisioning and ability to identify propensity to return, no fault found and warranty fraud

A single source for all relevant documentation and parts information

Near-real-time reporting

Including updates from field engineers

Accurate returns information

Accessible from any device without the need for any downloads

Customer self-serve options

Available through the Agora Recover Returns Portal

24/7 support

Both self-guided and through support agents

Powered by OnProcess Agora™

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology underpinning Agora Recover. Part data factory, part AI engine, Agora makes it easy for companies to make better decisions, improve their service supply chain efficiency and streamline operational processes.

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