OnProcess for Network Infrastructure

Gain greater cost savings by optimizing your after-sales processes

Network providers are indispensable to modern life: they support connectivity, hybrid work life and give their customers the power to do more from anywhere.

We help network businesses like yours manage their infrastructure so they can provide consistent, constant service in a smart and cost-effective way.

We understand your challenges

You need to be everywhere your customers need you… wherever in the world that is

You need to cut rising costs — without affecting the customer experience

Customers expect always-on connectivity and service — and they’re not willing to compromise on uptime

You need to be able to manage the distribution, recovery, refurbishment and delivery of millions of parts consecutively, in real time

You’re facing supply chain issues, which have led to a severe backlog in product inventory

OnProcess understands the end-to-end service supply chain better than any other provider. We felt confident that, by leveraging their expertise and analytics capabilities, we’d be able to provide excellent service to our customers at optimized cost. VP of Service Supply Chain

We can help you

Consolidate and manage your inventory, so you can do more with less

Optimize your multi-echelon supply chain management

Improve customer experience by anticipating and preventing service events

Improve your network and bandwidth resilience with preventative action

Recover valuable parts and materials from products at end of life

Increase the lifetime value of parts by extending the product lifecycle

Reduce overall cost of service by bringing down logistics and material costs

Become more ecologically sustainable

We’ve helped our other network infrastructure customers

At OnProcess, we believe data is the key to unlocking speed, savings and simplicity across the service supply chain. Here’s how we helped a network infrastructure company optimize their operations using OnProcess Agora.

Save $8.7 million

in transportation costs across its global supply chain

Automate 80%

of its dispatch process

Increase efficiency

connect disparate data sources

Create a single

point of contact for end-to-end, post-sale operations

Intelligent solutions to help you manage your aftermarket service parts logistics


Intelligently manage parts placement and distribution for maximum customer coverage. Use predictive analytics to preemptively prevent service events.

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Improve logistics management and parts delivery across your service parts supply chain. Reduce time to customer and improve your operational costs.

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Optimize your RMA processes and improve your recovery rate of valuable parts and finite materials. Extend parts lifecycles through refurbishment and reuse.

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Your business, made better with OnProcess Agora™

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology underpinning our services. Part data factory, part AI engine, Agora helps companies make better decisions, improve their lifecycle management and streamline operations.

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