Reverse logistics solutions for every after sales process

Our suite of solutions help you digitize your after-sales supply chain from end to end. Replace outdated manual and siloed processes with an automated, joined-up, data-driven lifecycle.

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We can manage a single process, or the entire service supply chain, on your behalf, as-a-service.


We facilitate the flow of parts and products across your supply chain by making sure the right service inventory is in the right place, at the right time.

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We help you deliver on time, every time by managing and connecting field technicians, logistics teams, outboard freight specialists and the dispatch desk.

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We recover as much value as possible from returned service parts, improving uptime by managing return freight and overseeing return vendors – powered by data and insight.

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Agora Recover™: The perfect starting point

A lot of our customers approach us looking to reduce costs and become more efficient. The first step in achieving these goals is to refine your asset recovery process. That’s why we’ve built a dedicated asset recovery solution.

Agora Recover allows you to make real-time decisions and apply recovery data during the planning processes. This is the key to reducing new-buys, driving warranty credits at the point of service and cutting costs.

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Powered by the OnProcess Agora™ platform

Our services are powered by our proprietary platform – Agora. It generates our own brand of post-sales data – Dynamic Service Insight – and guides AI to automate and streamline processes.

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What is Dynamic Service Insight?

This is our name for the unique blend of data that fuels our platform services. It’s a rich blend of your data (drawn from your system of record) and our own unique insights. We consolidate this information within our data factory to generate clean, accurate and up-to-date data that can power the AI and ML systems we use to automate critical processes.

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Parts data is just the start

Parts data is intrinsically tied to customer contract data. You can’t make smart decisions about parts management without clear visibility into SLAs and contractual nuances. Yet most businesses manage each data set in a separate silo.

We take the opposite tack. We compare and contrast the two. That way, we can make decisions that work for your whole business, rather than just your planning, delivery or recovery teams.

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