Agora DSI: Actionable insight across your service supply chain

Minimize costs and inefficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and meet sustainability goals with AI-driven insights

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Uncover the potential of your supply chain data

Data fragmentation has plagued the supply chain industry for years. Siloed systems, manual processes and complex operations lead to unnecessary costs and are detrimental to sustainability goals. Agora DSI integrates with your existing data infrastructure and provides a connected overview of your supply chain operations. It gives you real-time actionable insights that help you make better decisions and address potential issues before they occur.

With Agora DSI you can:

Reduce Costs and Inefficiencies

Get AI-powered actionable insight across your service supply chain, and real-time alerts to issues and inefficiencies before they become critical.

Get Total Customer Visibility

Import, transform and organize data from external systems. Connect your data across the customer journey and deliver a cohesive customer experience.

Meet Circularity Goals

Gather data from disconnected and disparate sources into one system. Get real-time visibility of operational KPIs and sustainability targets and unlock new levels of efficiency. 

How do I get Agora DSI?

Agora DSI is currently in limited availability. To express your interest in the product, complete this form.