Agora DSI: Actionable insight across your return processes

Drive more efficient recovery of parts and products with real-time deep insight into your processes.

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Drive better business decisions with the power of AI


Supply chain data can be a priceless resource. When used well it can be crucial for business resilience and competitive edge as well as the key to dramatic cost savings. It can help identify inefficiencies and the opportunities for improvement. But there is a problem. Data can be complex and challenging to collect. It can be difficult to organize, sift through and manage without the right tools. Agora DSI can help. Reap the benefits of your supply chain data by enriching it with our expertise and extracting actionable insights powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Uncover the potential of your supply chain data

Data fragmentation has plagued the supply chain industry for years. Siloed systems, manual processes and complex operations lead to unnecessary costs and are detrimental to sustainability goals. Agora DSI can integrate with your existing data infrastructure, providing you with a single source of truth of your supply chain operations. It helps you to address potential issues by delivering real-time predictive insight.

With Agora DSI you can:

Improve efficiency with predictive insight

AI-powered actionable insight across your service supply chain, with real-time alerts to issues and inefficiencies before they become critical.

Get total visibility across your returns processes

Orchestrate and connect your data from multiple systems into one source of truth to deliver an optimized and cohesive return process.

Make real-time decisions using Dynamic Service Insight

Take action based on deep insights that drive meaningful outcomes and real savings

Features to fit your supply chain needs

Agora DSI comes with a vast range of features and insights to give you control over your recovery process. With cloud-based integration and powerful real-time actionable insight, Agora DSI helps you prevent issues in real time.

With Agora DSI you get:

Predictive AI-driven insight

Identify problematic areas in the process that have a high likelihood to fail in the future.

Intelligent decisioning and propensity to return and no fault found

Predict what parts will come back and whether they really have failed

Easy and intuitive navigation

With UX-centered design

Agora Connector powered by Servigistics

Stay ahead in the dynamic supply chain management landscape with Agora Connector – a seamless two-way data flow between Agora DSI and Servigistics’ supply chain optimization platform. The Agora Connector allows you to integrate your recovery and planning data to improve the accuracy of your inventory plan by predicting part return rate and lead time and reduce costs by dynamically expediting parts based on cost and criticality. All of this, combined with AI-powered predictive insight achieves next-level efficiency and cost optimization.

How do I get Agora DSI?

Agora DSI is available as a subscription product for supply chain professionals.


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