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Maximize profit, streamline operations and reduce the cost of service

The medical equipment industry hasn’t escaped the _aaS-ification of the business world. To maximize revenue under a usage-based pricing model, medical equipment providers need to maximize equipment uptime and reduce costs of service.

At OnProcess, we help medical equipment providers embrace predictive maintenance, so that equipment runs more faithfully (and costs of upkeep are lower than ever). We also help you optimize your planning, so every machine, part, and field technician is where it needs to be, right when it needs to be there.

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We understand your challenges

You need to provide an always-available service to your customers — anything less, and lives are on the line.

You need to manage the shift to usage pricing — where profits depend on machine use.

Your machines need to meet strict guidelines and you need to stay compliant across your entire service supply chain.

Rising costs are making it difficult to offer top-tier service while maintaining profitable margins.

You need to be able to manage the distribution, recovery, refurbishment and delivery of millions of parts across your coverage area, in real-time.

You need to be able to coordinate the deployment of hundreds of truck rolls and field service engineers — while staying aware of changing circumstances at all times.

OnProcess quickly transformed a global, fragmented and highly complex order management system into a centralized, streamlined program that improves customer experience while saving us money. Bridie Norman, VP, Elekta Logistics Platform, Elekta

We can help you

Stay HIPAA-compliant across your entire service supply chain.

Consolidate and manage your inventory, so you can do more with less.

Extend customer lifetime value by keeping machines in top working order and reducing stress to customers.

Improve customer experience and process efficiency by anticipating and preventing service events.

Improve your equipment uptime with preventative action

Promptly recover equipment after failures to be fully checked over, so you can report incident causes to FHA

Reclaim valuable parts and materials from products at end of life, without compromising data security

Increase the lifetime value of parts by extending the product lifecycle

Reduce overall cost of service by bringing down logistics, material and unexpected maintenance costs.

Become more ecologically sustainable and reduce needless waste.

We’ve helped our other medical equipment provider customers

At OnProcess, we believe data is the key to unlocking speed, savings and simplicity across the service supply chain. Here’s how we helped a medical equipment provider company optimize their operations using OnProcess Agora.

Save £2.4 million

in the first year

Save £10 million

over a 3-year period

Enhance uptime

of critical equipment

Ensure compliance

across all equipment and processes

Intelligent solutions to help you manage your aftermarket service parts logistics


Optimize the movement and utilization of all your equipment, parts and service technicians, so you’re never caught unaware. Reduce service events by taking a preventative approach to maintenance.

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Get parts and engineers where they need to be, fast, so you can address customer needs whenever a service event happens and get equipment operational again as fast as possible.

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Speedily recover machines at end-of-life, so you can stay HIPAA-compliant throughout the decommissioning process and maximize the value and reusability of parts.

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Your business, made better with OnProcess Agora™

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology underpinning our services. Part data factory, part AI engine, Agora helps companies make better decisions, improve their lifecycle management and streamline operations.

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