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Better parts management starts with better planning

Become a more sustainable business, and reduce inventory, transportation, and warehousing costs, and increase ability to meet customer SLAs with OnProcess Planning.

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The problem with planning

Effective service-parts planning is critical to limiting inventory costs and becoming a more sustainable business. But lack of visibility and effective planning tools means that most planning departments are still challenged with ordering parts they don’t need and eating into finite resources. The result is waste, unnecessary spending and acute frustration.

Overcoming parts management blindness

The fault doesn’t lie with planners. The problem is a lack of visibility across the after-sales service supply chain. Enterprises can’t see where their parts are, what condition they’re in or when they can expect to recover them. Planners are effectively working with one arm tied behind their back. They can’t make the right decisions as they don’t have the right information.

Our solution – Intelligent Planning as-a-service

Our Planning service pairs the best planning technology with our unique insight into the after-sales service supply chain. We manage the planning process on your behalf and break down silos to ensure all planning decisions are made using up-to-date and accurate data from the teams responsible for planning, delivery and recovery.

Key service features

Insight-led, multi-echelon optimization

We proactively refine and improve planning processes through automation and data-led decision-making across the entire service supply chain.

System integration management

We integrate market-leading planning platforms with your after-sales software ecosystem to facilitate the smooth flow of parts and customer data

Forecasting & demand-planning

More accurate install base planning, new-buy avoidance and forecasting against product life-cycle.

End-to-end reporting

We report on everything we do and our progress can be monitored via customisable dashboards.

Crystal clear insight across the service lifecycle

Clear visibility across service operations allows us to make better planning decisions and take a proactive and agile approach to part delivery and recovery. For example, if we can see that your company is expecting to recover 150 No Fault Found (NFF) parts in the next six months, we can ensure that no new parts are purchased during that time.

This visibility also allows us to:

Minimize inventory and maximize part availability

Prioritize part investment to avoid wrong or excess parts ordered

Recover more inventory

Facilitate dynamic returns and delivery

Demand management

Adjust stocking strategy to reflect changes to your install base

The benefits

Each minor change we make to your planning process adds up to huge benefits in the form of:

Savings on inventory

as you’re no longer buying excess parts

A reduced carbon footprint

as you’re recycling parts and limiting truck rolls

A superior customer experience

as it becomes easier to meet aggressive delivery timelines and honor SLAs

More control and consistency

of your parts-planning process

OnProcess Agora™

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology that powers OnProcess Planning. Part data factory, part process automation engine, our proprietary platform allows us to extract insights from planning, recovery and delivery data and apply algorithms to automate and orchestrate key processes.

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