Effectively manage company-owned equipment

Minimize expenses and improve the velocity of returns of the company’s assets from former and current employees with the implementation of our digital equipment retrieval solution.

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Improve the return rates of your company assets

Remote working is here to stay – research shows that a whopping 94% of remote-capable employees now prefer to work remotely, either permanently or in hybrid capacity. But that comes with very different demands on IT assets and infrastructure to support it, with more dispersed and distributed employee equipment now in the field. Many businesses struggle to manage this equipment and to recover it cost-effectively from employees after upgrades or when they have left the company. Getting it wrong can cost businesses dearly. But getting it right, by streamlining these processes, can dramatically reduce IT costs of new equipment buys and speed up re-purposing the assets for new employees.

Prevent security risks and data vulnerabilities

Company equipment that is outdated or that has been left in the hands of former employees can put your business at risk. Protecting your intellectual property and confidential information and ensuring all equipment is updated is paramount. To guarantee the highest levels of security, you need to ensure effective recovery processes are in place.

Remove barriers to effective equipment retrieval

Connect your IT asset data in one system to make it easier to track software licenses and hardware devices regardless of location.

Simplify the returns process with an easy-to-use self-service portal.

Retrieve IT equipment quickly and cost-effectively with dynamic routing options.

How we helped one of our clients save $500k per year in new equipment

Our technology is helping us radically change the way companies worldwide approach asset and parts recovery. Discover how we can use it to help you maximize efficiency, reduce cost, and optimize your employee equipment retrieval process.

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Gain an understanding of the problems companies face when trying to retrieve employee equipment, and learn the steps that can be taken to address them.

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