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Maximize device uptime and improve patient care

If you manufacture medical technology, you already know how important uptime is to your customers. A faulty machine can lead to user frustration or, worse, a poor patient experience. That means you need to stay on top of your SLAs. We can help with that.

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We can help you:

Understand machine and part performance

The key to maximizing uptime lies in identifying and addressing faults ahead of time. This is only possible when you have accurate and up-to-date insight into part and machine performance. We can provide this data. We shatter silos between your asset parts management teams to build a complete view of the parts lifecycle and we match this against customer contracts to ensure you’re honoring SLAs.

Take proactive, preventative action

We use this aggregated insight to help you predict breakdowns and equipment failures before they happen—so you can proactively replace parts and station field engineers close to potential breakdown spots.

Improve contract compliance & reduce administrative work

Clear visibility across the parts lifecycle makes it much easier to spot mistakes, inefficiencies or needless complexity. This is the key to upholding contracts and avoiding the heavy fines that come with broken SLAs. It’s simply a case of spotting non-compliance before it happens. And when you simplify your processes you can reduce your admin burden.

Recover assets & reduce costs

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your asset recovery process and you improve inventory return ratios and return times. At the same, by reclaiming valuable parts—such as semiconductor chips—for reuse or refurbishment, you reduce costs and become more sustainable.

Accelerate your processes

Manual processes can slow you down and add to your admin burden. We can apply our understanding of your parts management supply chain to automate tasks and accelerate your processes

Here’s how we deliver for companies like yours

See how a global provider of medical equipment, saved millions by transforming its processes and improving visibility across the service chain.

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A CAT scan machine in a medical environment

£2.4 million saved

immediately in first year

£10 million saved

over 3-year period

500+ field engineers

made more efficient throughout 50 countries

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Whether you want to optimize a few key processes or digitize your entire process, end-to-end, we can help.

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