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Sustainability is becoming a must rather than a nice-to-have

Our economy relies heavily on consumption for growth; but that isn’t sustainable in the long run. If you want to become truly sustainable, you need to adopt a Circular mindset.

The Circular Economy aims to reduce wastage by rethinking the way industries approach product end-of-life

It’s defined by three core principles:

Designing waste and pollution out of processes

Keep products and materials in use for as long as possible

Regenerating natural systems

We can help you become more Circular

Asset and parts recovery is a crucial part of the process. By introducing post-sales service supply chain management, you can recover essential finite resources and become part of the solution in the process.

A case in point: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

HPE’s Financial Services arm helps customers recover and refurbish IT assets across the globe, and they’ve achieved some impressive results.

Tall buildings viewed from the ground

5,547mt CO2 saved

This equals the average CO2 emissions of 1,206 cars.

19,815 MWh energy saved

This equals the average energy consumption of 14,007 households.

577mt waste kept from landfills

To store this at home you’d need 19,583 moving boxes.

Transform your post-sales service chain

The first step is digitizing your processes. In practice, this means rooting out inefficiencies and streamlining workflows so that you minimize waste and maximize your reacquisition rate. We can help with that

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