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Maximize value throughout the device lifecycle

Telecoms and broadband providers rely on scale and speed. You need to maintain large volumes of customers and prioritize high-value device sales while reducing costs. We can help you do that.

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We can help you:

Reduce costs

Bring down your overall cost to serve. Reduce transport and holding costs with intelligent point-of-recovery automated decisioning. Turn reclaims into revenue with resales of refurbished devices.

Improve time to revenue

Minimize the time it takes to onboard customers. Quickly deliver new devices to customers by optimizing your supply chains. Reduce transport distance and accurately pinpoint closest devices to the delivery point.

Understand your customers & improve experiences

Get a better view of your customers and optimize the customer experience. Target customers through their preferred channels. Encourage migration to new tech by upselling at the right time.

Speed up deliveries

Enhance the efficiency of your post-sales customer service with better visibility across your entire service supply chain. Know exactly where every device is at every moment, and strategically place devices to optimize transport for upcoming deliveries.

Capitalize on revenue opportunities

Make the most out of every device throughout its lifecycle. Sell devices while they’re high-demand and high-value. Consistently recover usable devices for refurb and resale for maximum profit.

Reduce costly service events

Act early with predictive analytics. Understand device lifetimes and accurately predict when customers are prime for upgrades. Preemptively address potential issues before old devices fail, and optimize your supply chains to keep your costs low.

Here’s how we deliver for companies like yours

See how we helped a leading entertainment and wireless communications provider save millions of dollars through inventory optimization.

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$60 million saved

annually through cost avoidance

95% recovery

for voluntary disconnects

20% increase

in recovery for non-voluntary disconnects (up to 55%)

Our solutions

Whether you want to optimize a few key processes or digitize your entire process, end-to-end, we can help.

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