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Meet growing demand and minimize churn in a cost-effective, sustainable manner

There are few industries as high-turnaround, high-demand and prone to customer churn as the telcos and broadband space. When margins are thin, and customer service and onboarding speed are your key differentors, it can be hard to really stand out.

At OnProcess, we help you improve your margins, maximize the value of your devices, streamline your onboarding and recovery processes, and extend the lifetime value of your customer relationships.

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We understand your challenges

You have customers on outdated hardware — and they’re slow to upgrade to new equipment and return old hardware

Your customers want to be able to digitally manage their orders, equipment, maintenance and returns

New equipment is expensive and slow to arrive, due to supply chain challenges

You want to reduce truck rolls and maintenance call-outs

Your efforts to recover equipment are eating into the slim cost savings of recovering equipment

Customers are becoming more environmentally conscious and want the companies they do business with to be the same

OnProcess couldn’t be a better partner to us. They bring a ton of experience, are very hands-on, and are always looking for ways to enhance our process and improve our outcomes.

We can help you:

Reduce subscriber churn and involuntary disconnects.

Improve the recovery of valuable hardware and equipment from voluntary and nonvoluntary disconnects for refurbishment and reuse.

Bring down cost of service by reducing hardware and operational costs.

Reduce truck rolls by limiting the number of unexpected customer service events and making it easy for subscribers to onboard themselves.

Optimize your lifecycle management, from time of install to disconnection.

Capitalize on new revenue opportunities and improve time to revenue.

We’ve helped our other telecoms and broadband customers

At OnProcess, we believe data is the key to unlocking speed, savings and simplicity across the service supply chain. Here’s how we helped a telecom and broadband company optimize their operations using OnProcess Agora.

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Recover 95%

of returnable hardware within 60 days

Save $60 million

annually, through cost avoidance

Gain a 20% increase

in the recovery of hardware from non-voluntary disconnects

Intelligent solutions to help you manage your aftermarket service parts logistics


Intelligently manage parts placement and distribution for maximum customer coverage. Use predictive analytics to preemptively prevent service events.

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Improve logistics management and device delivery across your service parts supply chain. Reduce time-to-customer and improve operational margins by cutting costs.

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Optimize your RMA processes and improve the recovery rate of valuable parts and finite materials. Extend parts lifecycle through refurbishment and reuse. Improve the sustainability of your operation.

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Your business, made better with OnProcess Agora™

OnProcess Agora™ is the technology underpinning our services. Part data factory, part AI engine, Agora helps companies make better decisions, improve their lifecycle management and streamline operations.

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