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OPTvision℠ Platform At-A-Glance

To optimize your service supply chain (SSC), you need a continual pulse on where inefficiencies and unnecessary spend exist, and breakdowns in customer experience occur, across your post-sale functions. You need insights that enable you to take proactive, immediate actions to fix current issues, and predict and prevent future problems.

All of this is possible with OnProcess managed services powered by OPTvision℠, our proprietary control tower solution that combines real-time, end-to-end SSC visibility with advanced micro-analytics that alert users when cases require special attention.

OPTvision enables the industry’s only real-time, integrated views across the SSC from a single dashboard, plus the intelligence needed to further reduce costs, accelerate cycle times, improve SLA compliance and deliver superior end-customer experiences.

  • End-to-end visibility of active service supply chain orders and at-risk SLAs across technical support, field service, reverse logistics, repair and depot replenishment orders.
  • InstantInsights, generated by micro-analytics such as segmentation, root-cause, predictive and propensity analyses, alert users on fraud and other urgent issues.
  • Real-time visibility into key business metrics, viewable by time period, region, customer, contract type, SLA rate, product and more.
  • Visibility into White Glove transactions.
  • Anywhere, anytime mobile access from smartphones, tablets and computers.


OnProcess Managed Services Powered by OPTvision℠
Optimizing post-sale supply chain outcomes with end-to-end visibility and real-time micro-analytics

Most companies are running blind when it comes to the post-sale, or service, supply chain (SSC). Their post-sales functions operate as silos, with limited or no visibility across the supply chain.



Q: Is OnProcess offering the OPTvision Platform as a SaaS or standalone offering or a managed service? A: The OPTvision Platform is not sold as a standalone offering. It is included as part of OnProcess’ managed services.

Q: Does OnProcess envision selling the OPTvision Platform as a standalone software tool? A: No, OnProcess has no plans to sell OPTvision as a standalone offering.

Q: What are the key drivers fueling the need for a control tower approach? A: HfS reports that the potential global service or post-sale, supply chain Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market could be as large as $55 billion. This sector has largely been underserved by global BPO outsourcers and is ripe for a provider like OnProcess to lead with a strategy for delivery services to each part of the process “value chain” through a control tower approach.

The key drivers that are fueling the need are pain points such as:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Lack of standardization
  • Inefficiency
  • Declining CSAT (customer satisfaction) levels
  • Revenue leakage
  • Silos – internal (different groups responsible for service delivery) and external (partners such as 3PLs)

OPTvision-enhanced Managed Services

Q: Which OnProcess managed services are enabled by OPTvision? A: OPTvision enables all post-sale supply chain managed services of OnProcess – Revenue Enablement, Triage, Service Fulfillment and Reverse Logistics.

Q: How will my managed services be enhanced? A: OnProcess services will be enhanced as follows:

  • Clients will have complete end-to-end visibility in their post-sales supply chain
  • Embedded industry standard practices for best-in-class process management
  • Explicit call-to-actions using real-time analytics, for example: better uptime, better CSAT, lower cost-to-serve
  • Performance trending and predictive analytics that are actionable that enable proactive actions which result in lower cost-to-serve
  • Visibility to real-time analytics, anywhere, anytime mobile access

Q: What is the plan to roll out the enhanced managed services powered by OPTvision? A: OPTvision is available immediately and will be rolled out to existing and new clients.


OPTvision Platform

Q: What capabilities will OPTvision provide? A: OPTvision gathers real-time data from client’s OnProcess-managed services as well as their ERP and 3PL systems. It provides real-time, cross-supply chain views of service supply chain operations including: end-to-end visibility of active service orders, real-time micro-analytics and alerts on fraud and other key issues, visibility into key business metrics and White Glove transactions.

Q: What is unique about OPTvision? A: Industry’s only post-sale supply chain framework for end to end visibility

Q: Will I have the ability to use OPTvision to connect to my 3PLs? A: OPTvision is integrated with OnProcess systems and has the ability to connect with client and 3PL systems.

Q: Is OPTvision a customized solution? A: OPTvision is a standard platform with the ability to be configured as long as the requirements conform to industry standards.

Q: How will I access the OPTvision dashboard? A: The dashboard is accessible via any mobile device, browser or OS, making it easy to stay up to date from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pricing and Availability

Q: How are OnProcess managed services powered by OPTvision priced? A: OnProcess does not sell or price OPTvision as a stand-alone technology, since it is part of our managed services offerings. As is customary with managed services pricing, OnProcess analyzes the client’s business needs and prices its managed services accordingly.

Supply chain executives today want their service providers to deliver not just excellent operational support but to also provide greater visibility into operations and the ability to intervene or control events when something goes wrong.”

– Charles Sutherland,
   Chief Research Officer of HfS Research