Reverse Logistics in the Service Supply Chain

Retrieving, fixing, or replacing parts in an efficient and sustainable way is something many organizations are challenged with.

Traditional parts recovery gets a bad reputation for being unnecessarily difficult. This is because disparate data sources and outdated processes limit the ability to manage the returns process smoothly.


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How can you

  • remove bloat from your processes?
  • reduce unnecessary transport costs and waste?
  • drive new levels of warranty credits and revenues at the point of service?
  • improve customer satisfaction?
  • make real-time decisions?

Returns management – the unsung hero of the service supply chain – can answer all these questions.

It holds incredible potential for driving customer lifetime value, improving uptime, reaching competitive advantage, driving sustainability and revenue growth.

By taking a unified, data driven approach, your business can become cost-effective, more efficient, and sustainable.

Reverse logistics OnProcess Technology

Get the guide to forward thinking reverse logistics

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Inside you’ll get:

  • Examples of common scenarios and solutions for digitizing your reverse logistics
  • Ideas on how to lay the digital foundations to transform your processes
  • An easy to digest outline of OnProcess Agora platform’s unique approach
  • A shortlist of capabilities and how to get in touch if you want to find out more

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