BOSTON – November 16, 2022OnProcess, a global pioneer powering the world’s circular service supply chains, announced today the early-access release of its new analytics and intelligent orchestration tool – Agora DSI™. Agora DSI (short for Dynamic Service Insight) provides a unique and connected view across the lifecycle of a service part. It helps businesses gain valuable insight across the planning, delivery and recovery stages of the service supply chain, highlighting potential issues to be resolved before they become critical.

Understanding data across the service supply chain has become crucial for success in the digital era, and yet the systems and processes in place rarely provide the answers. With various systems often disconnected and siloed in nature, and manual processes still commonplace, real visibility and insight into efficiency is simply not an option for most. Agora DSI addresses this by seamlessly integrating with existing data infrastructure, capturing valuable information, and providing valuable insights, all in a single, easy-to-use application.

Built on the OnProcess Agora™ Platform, Agora DSI integrates, transforms and organizes data from external systems using the Dynama™ Data Factory – the cloud-based foundational layer of Agora. This data is then processed by Agora’s Radia™ Intelligence Engine, which uses advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide insights in real-time. These insights are then visualized in a series of application modules built on Agora’s orchestration layer.

“Service has become the new battleground for competitive edge, and those companies that provide it best, by solving their customer issues seamlessly and delivering greatest value, will be the winners. By providing real-time visibility of operational KPIs, and issues as or even before they occur, Agora DSI unlocks new levels of efficiency and value in our customers’ service supply chains,” said Oliver Lemanski, CEO of OnProcess.

Agora DSI is currently in limited availability (early-access release), with the full launch and general availability of the product scheduled for February 2023.

To learn more about the Agora DSI early-access program, OnProcess Agora™, Agora Recover™ or to request a demonstration, please visit


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OnProcess supplies technology and services that power the world’s circular service supply chains. Providing managed services and digital transformation expertise that streamlines processes, maximizes customer lifetime value, and improves ‘circular’ sustainability goals, OnProcess is a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading computer, networking, med-tech, wireless, telecommunications, and IT companies. For more information please visit


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