The First Application Released on the Digital Platform – Agora Recover™ – Streamlines Parts Recovery from the Field

BOSTON – September 30, 2021OnProcess Technology, Inc., a global pioneer powering the world’s circular service supply chains, announced today the general availability of its new cloud-based technology platform, OnProcess Agora™ along with Agora Recover™, an asset recovery solution that delivers new levels of digital customer experience. The OnProcess Agora platform, which hosts a suite of applications, communications and business intelligence tools underpinned by a proprietary data model, helps improve the management, efficiency and orchestration at every stage of the service-parts supply chain. The solution automates key after-sales processes and equips customers with a digital-first approach that results in greater financial, sustainability and customer service outcomes.

Today’s after-sale supply chain continues to be incredibly manual, siloed and complex. This makes orchestrating a circular supply chain – where manufacturers and sellers order, consume, return and refurbish used parts to cut down on costs, reduce waste and improve service – nearly impossible.  OnProcess Agora™ overcomes this challenge by integrating the entire service supply chain into a single platform and automatically capturing and blending parts data, customer data and OnProcess proprietary data across the post-sale service lifecycle.

“The after-sale service supply chain has a direct and substantial impact on customer service, sustainability outcomes and the bottom line. Unfortunately, the typical service supply chain today is a web of disconnected, manual processes managed by siloed departments and systems,” said Oliver Lemanski, CEO of OnProcess. “That’s why we designed Agora, which gives our customers complete control and visibility across the service supply chain, and uniquely combines parts management data with data that focuses on the customer experience. The platform is a key enabler of our company’s vision to power the world’s circular service supply chains, and puts sustainability and customer lifetime value at the heart of the everything-as-a-service economy.”

OnProcess’ AI-driven digital solution for asset recovery, Agora Recover™, is the first application to be released on the OnProcess Agora™ platform. With sophisticated reporting capabilities, self-service portals and cloud-based integrations into almost any application or data source, Agora Recover supports the circular service supply chain by giving customers a holistic view of the parts recovery cycle. The resulting visibility and intelligence reduce unnecessary transportation costs and promotes sustainability by intelligently redirecting recovered parts according to value, demand and reusability.

“Agora Recover makes it easier to recover the inventory that matters most and provides new digital services for a more frictionless customer experience,” added Lemanski. “By providing real-time information to the right people, when and where they need it, helps teams recover parts faster, make better decisions, optimize operations, improve warranty recovery, reduce costs and emissions, and significantly improve customer satisfaction”.

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About OnProcess Technology, Inc.

OnProcess supplies technology and services that power the world’s circular service supply chains. Providing managed services and digital transformation expertise that streamlines processes, maximizes customer lifetime value, and improves ‘circular’ sustainability goals, OnProcess is a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading computer, networking, med-tech, wireless, telecommunications, and IT companies.


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