6 Steps to Effective Equipment Recovery

Many organizations are struggling with vast amounts of IT equipment stuck in the field due to increases seen in workforces working from home. The cumulative value of the equipment can be staggering and the data that it contains possibly even more so. Replacing, refreshing, or simply getting the equipment back can be a costly challenge.

As experts in the field of service parts management, logistics, and parts recovery, we have identified the six key steps for a successful equipment returns program. Ultimately it requires robust technology to underpin any such program, with data, analytics, and intelligence-driven processes being the core drivers, along with expertise and management tools to ensure success.

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At a glance

An effective equipment recovery process can save costs, reduce new equipment buys through re-cycling, and extends equipment life through refurbishment. The risk mitigation and recovery of sensitive data is another reason to implement an effective equipment returns program.


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