Sustainable Service Supply Chains: How ready are you?

Sustainable Service Supply Chains - How ready are you?

Written by: Blumberg Advisory Group

A recent study by the Blumberg Advisory Group asked participants various questions about their current and future sustainability goals, market maturity, organizational readiness, and industry best practices. Overall, the results told us that organizations are committed to sustainability. However, the lack of consensus identified that there is much work needed to ensure accurate tracking, facilitate measurement, define clarity in roles and objectives, and gather and interpret real-time data.

The study results will help Aftermarket Service professionals evaluate, influence, plan, or lead their organization’s sustainability strategy.

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At a glance

Achieving sustainability goals requires a deep understanding of the key drivers of environmental impact throughout the value chain, assessing your organization’s readiness, and building a collective vision across supply chain partners as to how transforming towards goals such as ‘net zero’ and ‘circular’ supply chains’ can be achieved.


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