The One-Day Delivery promise

(and how it’s turning the heat up for businesses)

If you can access one-day delivery when you’re at home, it’s natural to expect a similar level of service from suppliers in your own workplace—especially if you have customers waiting for you to fulfill an order, or if thousands of dollars are on the line. After all, whether we’re behind a desk or on the couch, we’re all consumers. The only difference is that the stakes are often higher in a B2B environment. And it all comes down to the service supply chain.

The service supply chain is ripe for disruption —and the technology to improve service levels already exists. In this eBook, we’re going to explore how businesses can wrangle the complexity of B2B services—while still delivering on the raised bar for consumer experiences normalized by Amazon and other B2C companies.

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At a glance

One-day delivery promises can be catastrophically costly and difficult to fulfill. This is because complex services take more time—and coordination—to realize.
But does it have to be this way?


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